Oil Dives 30% In Jaw-Dropping Move Following Saudi Price War Declaration

Oil Dives 30% In Jaw-Dropping Move Following Saudi Price War Declaration

As expected, oil plunged to start the new week, after Saudi Arabia effectively declared a price war on Saturday with deep, across-the-board OSP cuts aimed at punishing Russia for Moscow's refusal to acquiesce to production cuts in Vienna. The market is now staring down both an acute demand shock from the containment measures associated with the global fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and a supply shock. Riyadh is reportedly preparing to ramp production starting next month, when the
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9 thoughts on “Oil Dives 30% In Jaw-Dropping Move Following Saudi Price War Declaration

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  2. I need to get a little more panicked about this. It seems that the Russians want to teach US shale producers a lesson, regardless of whether the Saudis want to play ball. So the Saudis want to teach the Russians that the Saudis can absorb more pain than the Russians. Aren’t the Saudis right? All wars are costly. But won’t it become apparent that the Saudis have the upper hand? And when that happens, won’t the Russians agree to a new deal? The price war might go on forever, but I think it is more likely a question of when it will end. But by the end of the week, the markets may price it as a permanent condition.

    1. Best outcome? Peak oil. Ridiculous that the world has made itself hostage to these thugs and authoritarians. The planet is on fire and the only thing these idiots are interested in is making money and playing games. Time to throw the bums out. Trump, Putin, the Sauds, ExxonMobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Total, Eni, Pemex, etc. A plague on their houses.

  3. I want to know where and to whom I send my routing info to get my anticipated helicopter money. I didn’t get any the last two times. I really do need a new refrigerator, the Kelvinator doesn’t make ice any more.

    1. Actually helicopter money is a good idea. Essentially, we need to pay people to stay home, take care of the kids so the schools can close. $600, like Bush did in ’08, would be a great place to start.

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