Analysts Warn Of ‘VaR Implosion’, ‘Full-Blown Crisis’ As New Week Dawns With S&P Futures Limit-Down

Analysts Warn Of ‘VaR Implosion’, ‘Full-Blown Crisis’ As New Week Dawns With S&P Futures Limit-Down

It could get very ugly this week, folks. Traders and investors got a preview of what may be in store on Sunday, when Mideast shares plunged the most since the financial crisis on the heels of Saudi Arabia's shock OSP cuts, which presaged the beginning of an all-out oil price war. This is extremely problematic for a number of reasons, not least of which is that, with crude already down more than 30% in 2020 and the world on the brink of a potentially historic demand shock tied to coronavirus co
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6 thoughts on “Analysts Warn Of ‘VaR Implosion’, ‘Full-Blown Crisis’ As New Week Dawns With S&P Futures Limit-Down

  1. A little additional push into oblivion can be had if the events on the Syrian /Turkish font/ Mediterranean come under scrutiny… Swans don’t fly in big flocks but who the hell ever saw only one or two……..

  2. Ok, this actually looks like panic. A credit crisis is usally what kills the markets. There should be some good buying opportunites by the end of the week, oil or oil stocks in particular (for the longer haul). Just waiting for that Fed emergency QE announcement.

  3. It seems crazy that in this day and age of internet and instant communication, after finding out about the virus more than 70 days ago, we still have so few facts regarding how contagious and deadly this virus is. It seems like this could be very very bad but that is hard to reconcile with the published number of actual deaths ( 2,602).

  4. H-Man, bond futures are screaming as I type, with equity futs tankng at the same time, in lock step with dropping world markets. The virus in the US is spreading at a rapid rate and if Italy is a precursor of what we will see in the future, it ain’t pretty. This could be the “big one”.

    1. The end might or might not be nigh, but watching Warren Buffet (WB) might give you a clue. The only times WB has under-performed the markets was 1999, 2009 and 2019 (please correct me if I’m wrong). Now I think it’s common knowledge that Buffet is sitting on a ton of cash, and yet I realized that when the market bounced off about 2750 in 2019, Buffet did not put his cash to work.

      The only thing I can take from that is that one of the world’s most esteemed investors thinks we are likely heading much lower on the S&P than 2750.

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