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Mar-A-Lago Accord, Untradeable FX And The Dangers Of Shutting Markets

"FX remains untradeable".

"FX remains untradeable".
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3 comments on “Mar-A-Lago Accord, Untradeable FX And The Dangers Of Shutting Markets

  1. I’m for halting global mkts. Global GDP for 2019 was about 90 trillion. In about 3 weeks 20 trillion has gone up in smoke, however, the economic impact in the EU hasn’t been recorded in terms other than initial stock mkt values, and obviously very little of this potential economic damage has been acknowledged in USA. Hence, global GDP has along way to drop and the actual semi normal growth rate for GDP has been fairly anemic for a decade. Thus, a v recovery from a state of total global depression is highly unlikely. Furthermore as markets freeze up and people feel the impacts of a dead economy, the absurd help currently being offered as stimulus will be looked back on as a massive joke. Closing markets now will prevent people from gaming chaos. Amen

  2. so, we’re saying that USD is like inverse toilet paper. There’s a crisis, everyone’s hoarding it whether they need it or not, and eventually buyers will all vaporize when they realize they can’t stuff any more of it into their garages.

    • Or they’ve run out of the white stuff and started to use the green stuff for what it’s going to be worth in an MMT world.

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