‘The World Is Getting Spooky’: Risk Assets Start New Week On Shaky Ground

Markets don't like uncertainty, and it would be difficult to conjure a macro scenario more fraught with uncertainty than the one traders and investors are facing in the new week. The weekend brought a deluge of disconcerting news on the coronavirus front, and Bernie Sanders now looks to have a choke hold on the Democratic nomination. With risk assets already on the back foot coming off a lackluster Friday session, the mood was predictably sour out of the gate, as US equity futures fell as much

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3 thoughts on “‘The World Is Getting Spooky’: Risk Assets Start New Week On Shaky Ground

  1. I am not certain that painting Nouriel Roubini as a prophet of doom is quite correct.

    While it is true that he has been bearish on equities through a significant portion of the recovery from the Great Recession his arguments were and are mostly plausible and well-reasoned.

    His current economic views and projections are not far from the mainstream. Certainly he is far from alone in believing that equity valuations are dangerously stretched.

  2. Really inspired by the calming words out of the White House. Thankful we have a reality show TV host running the show as the sh*t starts to hit the fan. #MAGA

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