‘Red Alert’: COVID-19 Scare Worsens Materially

‘Red Alert’: COVID-19 Scare Worsens Materially

South Korean officials put the country on "red alert" (literally) Sunday following another 169 confirmed coronavirus infections. That brings the total to more than 600, a 20-fold increase in the space of just five days. The new alert level gives the government the authority to rush new aid to Daegu, the epicenter, and a designated "special care zone". The government can now force citizens to cancel public activities and may also shutter schools, although it's not yet clear what steps will ulti
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3 thoughts on “‘Red Alert’: COVID-19 Scare Worsens Materially

  1. “As of this evening there will be a ban on the Venice Carnival as well as on all events, sporting as well, until March 1 inclusive”

    Breathtaking denial of risk. Someone should tell this genius that there is at least a 14 day period that infected individuals can be asymptomatic. Really, just write off March in order to slow the spread so you can get your countermeasures into line. It seems like a day after every story that things are under control, there are 5 stories that it is not. Maybe time to get out in front of it rather than using the Frank Drebin strategy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdFl__NlOpA though I guess that worked out well for Boeing…..

  2. Covid-19 is slicing its way through any manner of political truisms. After Herculean efforts by the US for years to pressure Iran in every way imaginable, Covid-19 achieved something in a week that Bolton couldn’t make true in his most malevolent dreams – convincing Turkey to cut-off all commerce with Iran. Now, suddenly, the border is closed without so much as a tweet from the US, with corona-fear the sole motivation. Similarly, Covid-19 has made short shrift of EU principles, demonstrated by Austria shutting down train traffic with Italy today. Open borders? Not so much. Can’t wait to see what happens when corona refugees from the middle east begin a new EU immigration debacle by desperately seeking to be someplace the virus isn’t.

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