As China Slashes Car Tariffs, Rumors Fly: Did Trump ‘Cave’ Or Is Good News Just Good News?

“Trump changed the dynamic regarding China but in one weekend Secretary Mnuchin has given it away” — local moron.



Monday was predictable.

Steve Mnuchin Calls Off Trade War With China That Trump Said America Wasn’t In

Is it a “trade war” or isn’t it a “trade war”?

Steve Mnuchin’s Treasury Sanctions Iran’s Central Bank Governor For Funneling Money To Soleimani, Quds, Hezbollah

“It is appalling, but not surprising.”

‘Continued Hard Work Is Required’: China, U.S. Agree To Disagree At Trade Summit And I’m Not Sure That Counts As ‘Winning’

“…other issues remain relatively big.”

Steve Mnuchin Isn’t Worried About The Bond Market, Ok? So You Can Stop Asking Him, Please And Thanks.

Mnuchin isn’t worried about the supply/demand dynamics in the Treasury market despite knowing full well who is Treasury Secretary.

Steve Mnuchin May Go To China To Talk About Trade Because He Can Think Of Worse Ways To Spend His Time – Like Cleaning Up Horse Manure On His Driveway

“A trip is under consideration.”

‘Nuclear Option?’ Mnuchin Bails Out Ruble – For Now

So apparently, the ruble has rebounded thanks to Steve Mnuchin.

2 Scoops Of Mnuchin: ‘There’s The Potential For A Trade War’, Trump ‘In Talks’ With Postal Service on Amazon

“I’m cautiously optimistic that we will be able to work this out. But”…

Where Are The Institutional Investors When You Need Them?

Who is going to buy these goddamn stocks?

Black Monday Postponed?

Apparently, markets are willing to give Steve Mnuchin the benefit of the doubt on Monday morning. 

Beware ‘Tweet Risk’: Trump Could Attack Fed As Mnuchin Testifies, Analyst Warns

He could “fire back”.

This Is Chaos: Trump’s Dollar Debacle Betrays Laughable Incompetence

This would be bad enough if they knew what they were doing, but the schizophrenic rhetoric quite clearly suggests they don’t.

Mario Draghi Might Need To Chin-Check ‘Someone Else’ And By ‘Someone Else’ He Definitely Means Steve Mnuchin

I was only half joking.

Mnuchin Sinks Dollar From Davos