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‘He Tweeted With Everyone Still In The Oval’: Trump’s New Tariffs And What They May Mean For GDP

The president clearly believes his luck will never run out.

The president clearly believes his luck will never run out.
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6 comments on “‘He Tweeted With Everyone Still In The Oval’: Trump’s New Tariffs And What They May Mean For GDP

  1. Trump has taken American politics to another – unknown – level. He has exposed the supposed system of checks and balances for what it is, a toothless relic of the past with no one willing to challenge him. Having adopted a “just say no” attitude to the Legislature and the courts, and the media effectively neutered, he knows that he can say anything, do anything without consequence.

    “But if you believe pride goes before a fall, you’d be hard pressed not to acknowledge that nobody has further to plunge than Donald Trump.” Pride is not the issue here. Hubris is. There will come a point in time where his reach far exceeds his grasp and the results will be spectacular. The problem will be that the American, and maybe the entire world, will suffer the effects. Trumps key weapons are fear and ignorance amongst the voting population. If he thinks that he will lose, he will create the conditions for a pyrrhic victory.

    My guess is that this will happen during his second term, because I don’t see a Dem out there who has adapted to the new political and societal landscape. They are proceeding as if this is business as usual. The debates are meaningless. There are at least a dozen of the “candidates” that should be gone now so that, hopefully, we can start to zero in on the best candidates, and develop messages and policies that clearly show acute differences with Trump that matter to the voter. That’s not happening.

    Nothing short of a full blown recession/depression/economic melt down or full blown trade war with the US against China, the EU, Mexico and whoever else, with the middle class being decimated as a result, will slow him down. Just remember the “grab em by the pu$$y” gaff – on tape even! He should have been “dead man walking”, but he survived. So again, pride is not the issue.

    Voters (and Markets) don’t realize how serious this is. Looks like the Dems don’t either.

    • Trump and his band of idiots will tank this economy long before the election in Nov. 2020. Bank on it.

      • Stephen in Canada

        Hopefully not too long before the next election. The negative political fallout that would accompany the Oh, economic one might just – JUST – make up for the DEms apparent lack of someone to take him on and win…. Obama, where are you now that the world REALLY needs you?!

    • HereIn TheGalaxy

      I am astounded how complacent the majority of the US population is. The evidence of his lies, his crimes, his ignoring lawful orders, his solo waging trade war, his scapegoating, etc, etc is staggering. Yet my neighbors are not moved to action, and the GOP does nothing. Democrats sure seem like a bunch of toothless and clueless idiots.

  2. Trump’s re-election chances for an incumbent with low headline unemployment and low inflation are stunningly bad. A slowdown, let alone a recession will kill his chances…. in that event he will take the Republican party down with him. He has a decent shot of winning, but not if the economy slows…

  3. I’m not sure how us consumers are paying the tariffs. All the PBOC has to do is fix the yuan 10% lower and the resulting price with the tariff is the same as before. IMHO the PBOC can dump USTs but what will be the result? Most likely higher yields, lower dollar, not exactly what Tariff Man wants. No one wants a bond temper tantrum.

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