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‘Tariff Man’ Returns: Trump Announces New China Tariffs, Stocks Crash

Everyone knew it was coming. 

Everyone knew it was coming. 
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8 comments on “‘Tariff Man’ Returns: Trump Announces New China Tariffs, Stocks Crash

  1. Harvey Cotton

    How lovely it would be to live in a country where major decisions of geopolitics, public revenue, and trade were made in accordance to democratic norms with due process, public commentary, and legislative input instead of by fiat of Julius Twitter.

  2. Trump also tantrumming, or “acting out” like toddlers do when they don’t get their way, aka yesterday’s FOMC meeting and presser.

  3. The well-known Fed put option has morphed into the Trumpian covered call.

  4. More defeat snatched from the jaws of I’m not sure what. To think just Tuesday I had a client screaming at me for providing him with only +22% YTD from a diversified portfolio while building a 15% cash hedge.

  5. jamaican

    yelling because “only +22% YTD”???
    he crazy or what?
    some people…

  6. Walked away from my computer around noon and when I returned looked at H….’s blog …First impression was he was doing his facetious act again and made all this up…..Just kidding ….another day in Trump’s America….

  7. Trying to imagine Xi selling Fentanyl on the streets of Baltimore. This has to stop!!

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