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Trump Suggests He’d Consider Cutting Off All Trade With China

"We'd save a lot of money".

"We'd save a lot of money".
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9 comments on “Trump Suggests He’d Consider Cutting Off All Trade With China

  1. Anonymous

    This idiot doesn’t have a clue.

  2. Debate Deal: let’s make a deal, I won’t call you Rumpster if you don’t call me Pocohantus.

  3. He is not an idiot.
    He is a hand man.
    Satan’s right hand man.

  4. Mitch could stop it all, but just sits there on his thumb and does nothing. He could prove to be America’s greatest traitor by far. Trump is just an idiot.

  5. “We’ll save a lot of money.”

    Indeed, as people stop buying electronics, clothes, raw materials, we’ll definitely save money. But we also won’t have electronics, clothes, raw materials…….

  6. He is the Manchurian Candidate.

  7. Anonymous

    Lots of opportunity in Rust Belt states tons of shuttered factory towns left for dead real estate is cheaper than dirt much better than those bloated FAANNMG stocks that won’t stay down I’m buying in a few are you? Eventually those stocks will crash just like 09 only a matter of when. I am short the market and hope for more days like the last 2… Sadly I have alot if ground to make up what an opportunity to sell stocks even now at this juncture….

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