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Four Months, One Million Infections, 349 Billion Dollars And ‘Everybody Working Together’

"These days everybody is working together."

"These days everybody is working together."
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7 comments on “Four Months, One Million Infections, 349 Billion Dollars And ‘Everybody Working Together’

  1. I don’t want to politicize something as tragic and as fundamentally biological as COVID-19, but why do clusterf*cks like this always seem to happen under Rebublican administrations?

    • God hates fake Christians aka Republicans? Just hypothetical to your question.

      • Mr. Oxygen

        Bush needed a re-election war, he and Rummy may do a tour or five in the sulfur for that Iraq Afghanistan quagmire and completely cluster f*cked strategy on those phony ass-ed invasion premises.

        Trump thinks his plausible denial skills based his slow walking ignorance of the subject matter genius under a word class victim-hood strategy will work on his own creator.

  2. I think part of the problem is the Republicans distaste for a “strong” Federal government. This has been especially problematic under Trump, where a huge number of key positions remain unfilled. This administration has also been very light on building, or even maintaining, collaborative relationships with other governments. A world crises like this calls for both a universal and a federal coordinated response. Unfortunately, the virus response process in the government (put in place after Ebola and Sars) had been dismantled. Now, when one needs intense industry collaboration, supply chain attention (for PPE, medications, testing reagents, etc.), scientific leadership, coordination among states and other countries, etc. the infrastructure has been torn down. We need to be able to call on all our institutions, not just the military and Minuchin.

  3. “You get the money, you’ll get it the same day, you use this to pay your workers. Bring your workers back to work if you’ve let them go”
    I am trying to figure out what I am going to have workers brought back to work do with their time. We are closed after all. Do I pay them not to come to work?

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