One Simple Reason For The Nightmare On Wall Street

One Simple Reason For The Nightmare On Wall Street

Over the past 72 hours, I've read dozens of takes from analysts explaining and otherwise documenting this week's epic rout on Wall Street. History will remember this meltdown. Through Thursday, this was one of the single worst weeks for US equities ever. It's difficult to put it more concisely than that. Since World War II, the S&P has only fallen 10% or more in a single week four other times: In October 1987, April 2000, September 2001 and October 2008. Clearly, virus jitters were (aga
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9 thoughts on “One Simple Reason For The Nightmare On Wall Street

  1. Always have like O’Rourke and as usual he is spot on. Pressed was a sign of future issues and sure enough they started showing immediately – control of media, image mgmt, hacks added to the “team”. No one should be surprised as this is how trumppie is. Alternative “facts”. Propaganda 101.

  2. Either the S&P is descending another several hundred points in an attempt to wake the sleeping dragon Powell or it bounces at about 2880. Anyone care to wager on what S&P level Powell will jump in?

    1. An emergency Fed cut may be in the cards within days.

      It won’t engineer more than a dead cat bounce if there is a major coronavirus outbreak in the United States. A pandemic will lead to widespread panic and economic activity will decline precipitously. Liquidity won’t juice up industrial production or consumer spending when fear keeps people holed up in their homes.

      Netflix may thrive under such circumstances but public activities whether in entertainment, travel, or hospitality will crater.

  3. I’m not sure why everyone seems to think throwing money at this will make it go away….This is a different type of phenomenon and not something money can buy off… we will all see.

  4. “Dr. Fauci has told associates that the White House had instructed him not to say anything else without clearance.”

    Well, I agree. Would anyone trust an eyetalian? I thought we had entered the Twilight Zone over three years ago. Boy was I wrong. It was the Bozonosphere.

  5. It’s not a good sign when the yield curve craters, then craters again and of course craters to just end the show, drop the mic folks. The ONE MONTH is .23 points less than the 30, 30, 30 fu*king year bond. What a joke.

    When it inverts we go into recession period end of story it has happened 100% of the time and this time is NOT different. Does anyone besides Trump and Co. think more debt is the answer to a bloated debt induced market. Sure dude every crying billionaire banker/hedge crony who has gotten bailed out by the fed put for lo these many years.

    Let the crying begin and we only have our collective selves to blame.

  6. Yeah Trump just said, “Fuck Everyone and health outcomes and disaster prevention… GET ME REELECTED! I don’t care what is takes, mute any bad news until after November”. Trump literally just made it clear he will kill American’s to win reelection.

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