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Steve Mnuchin Didn’t ‘Predict’ 20% Unemployment. It Was Just A ‘Mathematical Example’, Ok?!

I'm guessing "Great Depression II" wouldn't poll well.

I'm guessing "Great Depression II" wouldn't poll well.
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2 comments on “Steve Mnuchin Didn’t ‘Predict’ 20% Unemployment. It Was Just A ‘Mathematical Example’, Ok?!

  1. March 17: Unemployment – Numbers are starting to trickle in and they don’t look good.

    WSJ: State unemployment sees surge in claims.

    Slate: Unemployment filers are overwhelming state systems.

    US Survey: 18% have hours or job cut due to coronavirus.

    A round up of state by state unemployment rates:

    Colorado 3,900 on Monday, 6,800 Tuesday as of 10:00 am. Compare with 400 last Monday.

    Rhode Island 6,282 on Monday, and 10,000 in less than a week. Compare with 10 last week

    Ohio 12,000 on Sunday, 36,645 Monday. Compare with 562 last Sunday.

    Connecticut 30,000 since Friday, compared with a typical 3,000 per week.

    Hawaii Doubling in second week in March.

    Mass. Monday, 19,884 filed, compare with 17,382 entire month of February.

    Tennessee 6,092 since March 8, compare to 2,031 previous week

    Minnesota 2,000 applications an hour, compare to a usual 20.

    New Jersey 15,000 on Monday.

    Michigan 5,400 on Monday, compared to 1,300 normal

    Kentucky 9,000 on Tuesday, compared with normal 2,000 / week

  2. It’s gonna be more like 40%, possibly more. Lots of people have jobs they can’t do from home. Lots of businesses are shutting down because they have no revenues.

    The good news (in a relative sense) is that it should only be that high for 2-5 months.

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