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Mnuchin, Kudlow Tell Cable News Trump Has Authority To Order American Companies To Leave China

"What can’t you order if you use the word 'emergency'"?

"What can’t you order if you use the word 'emergency'"?
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11 comments on “Mnuchin, Kudlow Tell Cable News Trump Has Authority To Order American Companies To Leave China

  1. Why are we even burning calories on this nonsense? We are a desperately insecure country notwithstanding how great we are. And our Fair Orange Leader can’t even stop making his crap ties in China let alone move factories across continents. How embarrassing.

  2. Anonymous

    Suggest Yes Order No. We continue down the path to lawlessness. Great time to add to my SQQQ this market is so overvalued I’ve been wrong for a while looking for another elevator move down this week lower hi’s lower low’s will spell the death of FANGMAN and the Naz 100

    • Lance Manly

      The S&P futures opened only down 1.4% Interesting week, looking to the Dallas Fed to see if the oil patch is imploding. Then the is the GDP revision with corporate profits, that’s a big one.

  3. Lance Manly

    So the government can now tell companies where and how to spend their money. I guess it is time to tell Xi, that his ideology won.

  4. Anonymous

    Yup, trumpolini has asked his national security advisors if he could nuke hurricanes to stop them from hitting the US.
    At this point China trade seems the least of the problems.

  5. He could fire the nukes from his space rangers.

  6. Anonymous

    H-Man, if only Johnny Carson was alive would this make sense.

  7. Finally his Fascist regime can teach those Americans who do not know what Fascism is, will lead by example.

  8. Where are all those purist free marketeers in the GOP who screamed about Solyndra now? Speak up, please!!

  9. Epsillian

    Re: “we do have such authority, but it is not going to be exercised presently””

    However, there is the matter of legality, challenges to constitutionality, litigation, humiliation, uncertainty and a loud alarm being sounded for sanity.

  10. monkfelonious

    I’m thinking some one has spiked his Twinkies. Or maybe the Ho Ho’s or Ding Dongs.

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