Steve Bannon Apologizes For Trump Jr. Comments – So Much For ‘Loving A Gunfight’

Gee Steve, what happened to having your “hands on your guns?” What happened to “loving a good gunfight”? 


WTF Is Wrong With All Of Trump’s Lawyers?!

“Like we said, it’s fucking dangerous!”

America Or Venezuela? ‘Dishonest Media Awards’ Edition

Proving that truth is indeed stranger than fiction in 2017…

‘I’ve Wasted Enough Of My Viewers’ Time’: Jake Tapper Kicks Stephen Miller Off CNN

Send Hucka-San next time.

‘Don Jr. Is A Great American’: Leaked ‘Sloppy Steve’ Statement Shows Bannon Planned To Defend Trump

So that’s what Trump could have gotten from Bannon. But being the “stable genius” that he is, he decided to rechristen his former friend “Sloppy Steve” because you know, that’s what someone who is “like, very smart” would do. 

Trump Wakes Up, Insists He’s Not Insane, Says He’s ‘Like, Very Stable Genius’

Well, it looks like Donald Trump has finally decided to address the “rumors” that he’s stark raving mad.

Will FBI Investigation Of Clinton Foundation Force Hillary To Resign The Presidency?

“Next we should expect a Congressional investigation to determine whether Clinton’s health has deteriorated to the point that she must be removed from the presidency.”

100% Of Trump’s Inner Circle Question His Fitness For Office: Watch Michael Wolff’s NBC Interview

“They all say he is like a child.”

Trump Wants $18 Billion For Border Wall, Another $15 Billion For Watchtowers, Cameras, Drones

If carried out as described…

New Details Of Trump Obstruction Probe Revealed: Jeff Sessions Was Pressured To Avoid Recusing Himself

To be sure, Donald Trump did not need any more bad press on Thursday. But…

This Is Definitely Robert Mueller’s Favorite Part Of Michael Wolff’s New Book

“Mark Corallo [former spokesman for Trump’s personal legal team] … privately confiding [to Wolff] that he believed the meeting on Air Force One represented a likely obstruction of justice — quit.”

Dear America: Here’s What Egregious Wealth And Income Inequality Looks Like

Any questions?

A Dumb As Shit, Hopelessly Idiotic, Crazy Moron: What Michael Wolff Says Trump’s Associates Think Of Him

It’s probably safe to say that whatever was left of Donald Trump’s sanity has flown the coop over the past 24 hours.

Trump Rips Steve Bannon: ‘He Lost His Mind’ When I Fired Him

Well damn. Earlier today, The Guardian ran a story containing a preview of what’s being billed as an “explosive new book” about the Trump White House. The book, by Michael Wolff, is described as follows: Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, is reportedly based on more than 200 interviews with the president, his…

‘Jack Is #Complicit’ Projected On Side Of Twitter HQ After Trump ‘Nuclear Button’ Fiasco

Whatever the case, you can bet this is a problem that isn’t going away for Twitter and you’d hate to be Jack right now because he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.