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‘Head On A Pike’: Let’s Drop The Charade. Trump Physically Threatens People All The Time.

"Do you take that as a threat?"

"Do you take that as a threat?"
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10 comments on “‘Head On A Pike’: Let’s Drop The Charade. Trump Physically Threatens People All The Time.

  1. The elephant in the room, as I see it, is ALL of the Republican Senators know absolutely that Trump should be kicked out and all 53 Senators, so far, are toeing the party line. What is being held over their heads that they are so afraid of?? The fact that they seem to be volunteering to be complicit in this sham trial will not be lost in history. I would think that there must be a bunch of investigative authors dying to come out with a book or movie on the truth.

    • Money is involved. Russian money.

      • It’s not just Russian money – it’s our own money. The R’s got their tax cuts which were a huge gift to the wealthy donors to the GOP. Our deficit and national debt are exploding. The US is borrowing to line the pockets of the wealthy.
        This isn’t new, it’s just now blatantly worse

  2. Entertaining. This is exactly what the Dems did in the house. All along party lines, selective evidence (twisted and weak as it was….really, paraphrasing someone else’s quote?…). Dems want their cake and to eat it to. It’s fair to follow the same rules Clinton had. Why not? My other half helped write those rules and now even she wants a different set of rules for Trump. I don’t agree with a lot of Trumps antics but if you want to win seems as though you must at least appear to be fair. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Otherwise you will ignite a flame to incentivize those Trump supporters to vote. You think the younger population will have a high voter turnout? Dems can be so impractical without much common sense. I said the same thing in 2016 all while having to be a flower on the arm at Hillary rallies.

    • “twisted and weak”?

      Is that a serious remark? the evidence was irrefutable and it came from a dozen current and former officials, including Gordon Sondland, a Trump donor who gave the president $1 million and said, quote, “Was there a quid pro quo? Yes”.

      Your comments consistently (pretty much every, single one of them) betray an inability (or, far more likely, an unwillingness) to engage with the truth and with reality more generally. There is no question about what happened here. None. The only question is whether the GOP is prepared to subjugate democracy to the whims of a D-list reality TV show host who has successfully chipped away at the country’s checks and balances.

      How anyone can question the evidence here is beyond me. It is irrefutable.

      • I simply cannot understand what has happened to half of a America.

      • Exactly. The suspension of disbelief exercised by supporters of this clown is a sight to behold. What’s even more baffling is how ineffective the “checks and balances” have been so far to bring him to book. Dark times.

    • Think about how much the Republican Party’s complete and utter corruption is taken for granted and normalized by America: Americans aren’t hoping that evidence of Trump’s obvious guilt would motivate 20 Republicans to convict and remove him, America is only hoping that as much as 4 of them will even allow any witnesses to testify or that any evidence be introduced.

  3. Stockholm Syndrome for 30-40% of the country sadly.


    Bully gonna bully.

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