Trump Threatens To Have Adam Schiff Arrested For Treason (No, Really)

Trump Threatens To Have Adam Schiff Arrested For Treason (No, Really)

Donald Trump took his feud with House intelligence chair Adam Schiff to a new level on Monday morning. In a dubious sequel to a series of Sunday evening tweets demanding Schiff be tried for "treason" for the "crime" of paraphrasing parts of the controversial call with Volodymyr Zelensky, the president threatened to have Schiff arrested. "Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE & terrible statement, pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my call to the Ukrainian President,
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7 thoughts on “Trump Threatens To Have Adam Schiff Arrested For Treason (No, Really)

  1. “Republicans will now be compelled to… going on the record to disavow Trump’s threat.” What? C’mon H, surely you’ve been paying enough attention over the past 3 yrs to know THAT’s NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    Oh, maybe a couple here or there will make an effort to sound reasonably ‘adult-like’, but as a HERD, my guess is they’ll hold-the-line as best they can.

  2. Someone summon Kellyanne Conway for her one of precisely two smoke bombs.

    1.) What the President is doing is defending himself blah blah blah no collision no obstruction Mueller Report Conspiracy Theory hoax blah blah blah Obama.

    2.) What the President is doing is asking the question of whether the blah blah blah American people of doing the job of creating jobs and a record high stock market blah blah pensions blah treason blah blah Hillary Clinton.

  3. People keep saying don’t do this, just vote Trump out in 2020. But that is over a year from now. How do they propose to even stay alive between now and then while they avoid all the mass shootings carried out by Trump’s supporters?

  4. This is sort of that point in time when House of Cards had to deal with its final season — and as the cast and team tried in vain to dream up some sort of plausible series of events, they ended up presenting an amateurish presentation that essentially is un-watchable in its amateurish, stupid and incohesive plot twists. That, hopefully will be the same fate for trump and his entire Godawful gangster family!

  5. My feeling: this sort of raging, hysterical, Fuehrer-like behavior by Trump fires up the most extreme of his supporters, while turning off moderates and independents who are the swing voters. If he thereby incites domestic terrorism, that will intensify the effect.

  6. Here’s a thought experiment for everyone: Name someone you know who did NOT vote for Trump in 2016 who is all in for him in 2020. Bet you can’t. Trump is going to lose, and lose badly, in 2020 — if he even makes it that far.

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