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Trump Rampages Through Grand Rapids, Calls Adam Schiff A ‘Pencil Neck’ In Profanity-Laced MAGA Rally

Here is what demagoguery looks like...

As soon as William Barr indicated that Donald Trump had been exonerated in the probe into suspected collusion between his campaign and Moscow, we suggested the president would begin to push the limits even further in terms of what is and isn't acceptable from the executive in a democracy. Read more His Victory Complete, Trump Faces A New Challenge: Defining ‘American Autocracy’ Not to put too fine a point on it, but we were correct. So far this week, Trump has, among other things, accused the FBI of "treason", suggested in no uncertain terms that he intends to launch a "witch hunt" of his own into those responsible for the special counsel probe, compelled his campaign communications director to advise television producers on which lawmakers are acceptable when it comes to on-air appearances and demanded the resignation of House Intelligence chair Adam Schiff. Hours after Trump called for Schiff's resignation, all nine committee Republicans signed a letter in support of the president's demands, prompting an impassioned rejoinder from Adam who is, for lack of a better description, wholly incredulous at the predicament America now finds itself in. Read more Adam Schiff Want
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6 comments on “Trump Rampages Through Grand Rapids, Calls Adam Schiff A ‘Pencil Neck’ In Profanity-Laced MAGA Rally

  1. Anonymous says:

    Scared, I think. Do not rely on your government to protect you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would think most people in that audience are good Americans. Good neighbors, caring employees, teachers, doctors, etc. if you saw them in the real world they would be fine to be around. But trump seems to bring out the worst in people, the mob mentality. It really is scary and sad.

    Wake up people!!!

    • Richard Haider says:

      I was 13 years old in an environment plagued by sectarian violence and civil war, your friendly neighbours and people you knew all your life, you called them with respect and affection as uncles, the children you played with all your life, become bloodthirsty enemies, they had no love or compassion left for you, they wanted you killed, have your homes burned and looted, total irrationality and craziness ruled the day. the current situation here in US of A brings those memories. Really scary stuff.

      God bless us all and god bless United States of America

  3. George says:

    My Mom once told me in the 1930’s she was at a Hitler rally in Hungary inadvertently,, and everyone cheered insanely. She never could understand the mob psychology.and was greatly embarrassed to have been present.even for the sake of curiosity….. Ring a bell anyone????

  4. Alex says:

    No one should be surprised with this performance by Trump he was in his element. He’s the rich kid who can hang with “tough” guys and the wannabe’s, then sneak back to his digs laughing his ass off. It will get worse.

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