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Pandemic Fears Meet Fed, Impeachment, Tech Earnings With Stocks In Stratosphere

A little trepidation.

Mideast stocks on Sunday reflected the generally sour mood, as a jittery world ponders a pandemic. Aramco traded around its lowest levels on a closing basis since the IPO, among other things. Saudi shares fell for a fourth session, and are well on the way to erasing the "no World War III" rally. The bottom line appears to be that until reports suggest the Wuhan virus is no longer spreading, market sentiment will reflect at least a little trepidation. The headlines on Sunday were considerably worse than Saturday's, which is saying something. California became the third US state to report an infection. The person - who traveled from Wuhan - is in good condition. There are now suspected cases in Africa and Austria. Canada reported its first case over the weekend. The death toll is up to 56 and more than 2,000 people have been infected. China has banned the wildlife trade and is considering extending the Lunar New Year holiday. This will dominate the news cycle in the new week, alongside defense arguments in Donald Trump's impeachment trial. Democrats will continue to push for witnesses, particularly John Bolton who has, of course, indicated a willingness to testify if called. T
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1 comment on “Pandemic Fears Meet Fed, Impeachment, Tech Earnings With Stocks In Stratosphere

  1. Anonymous says:

    When QE fails try helicopter money……………

    The whole is too deep to get out, keep digging and hope the light at the end is the other side of the world and not the molten core.

    Something has to work , MORE COWBELL

    This is where we are headed, it ain’t gonna be pretty……………..

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