More Policy Divergence: BOE On Hold, Signals ‘Limited’ Tightening

In case it isn’t clear enough, this just further underscores the policy divergence narrative.


BOE On Hold, See You In May


Toxic Brew: Full Week Ahead Preview

This should be all kinds of amusing.

Going Forward, There Is No Debate: ‘The Balance Sheet Effect Is One Of Tightening’

But hey, this should be fine, right?

Final Curtain? Full Week Ahead Preview

Is this it?


Translation: this is not a drill, dammit.

BOE Thinks Maybe You’re Not Taking Them Entirely Serious When It Comes To Hikes

Well that’s a bit hawkish…

High Drama: Full Week Ahead Preview

Who’s ready for another week like last week?!

One Bank Reveals 7 Key Calls For The New Year

But for those interested in trying to “DO SOMETHING” (as opposed to just kicking back and being “actively” passive)…

Bank Of England Could Launch Bitcoin ‘Competitor’ As Early As 2018

“…a Bank of England-issued digital currency would potentially allow British citizens to keep their money – in digital form – with the central bank itself, dispensing with the need for a retail bank.”

Bank Of England Adopts Cautious Tone In Unanimous Rate Decision Amid Rising Inflation

“Bank of England says that some modest tightening may be needed in next few years.”

A December Hike And Yellen’s Last Hurrah: Full Week Ahead Preview

A snowy hike and so much more.

‘It Is As If Time Had Stood Still’: Basking In The Light Of Goldilocks

“Nothing, it seemed, could upset the future.”

‘Run Screaming For The Hills’: Presenting The Fallacy Of Disaggregation

“Yet, we would argue that the mere fact that investors fail to spot trouble in a single sector should not be grounds for comfort: the reason why no single sector stands out may be that all the sectors are mispriced.”

Monday, Monday.

The fireworks started in Japan and that’s where they ended.