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Carry On. There Are Stocks To Buy.

Lacking impediments, global stocks summit ever higher peaks.

Lacking impediments, global stocks summit ever higher peaks.
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2 comments on “Carry On. There Are Stocks To Buy.

  1. Agree with your observations H…. Thanks for the bullish tip over….Because being a broken clock is not fun , some of us long ago diversified into non equity assets and of course hold cash… and other hedges..
    Seemingly Bulletproof seems to be a reminder of Murphy’s Law …”If things can go wrong they will” . There are a lot of geopolitical items in the fire that are arguably not in the near term that could prove this vastly Bullish majority wrong. .History tells us that the market loves to prove the majority wrong which is why suddenly we have no Bearish sentiment among the so called smart money….This time will be bizarre…..but will it be different.????
    In a nutshell what holds this market up is on an almost universal basis is no Nation or Entity can afford the consequences of what seems to be ‘the inevitable’….

  2. Look back 2 years to December, literally almost everybody who was a Wall St. prognosticator, expert, cheerleader, cable news gimp, pundit, etc,: very similar outlook in the commentariat zeitgeist. This IS a QE “reflation” (lol) market welfare asset Ponzi and will end at least as grimly as The Great Bush Recession.

    Anything as quaint as economic macros and non-HFT “trading” fundamentals was obviated by the political/technological racketeering of an increasingly reified Orwellian protofascism; there are a handful of klepto/plutocrat, de facto insider-trading, global wealth rape pillagers orchestrating the preponderance of all financial machinations.

    There are very people in the lower 75% of social strata that can make ends comfortably meet. This will turn fast and when it does – the Treasury pillaging will have gutted any safety net; and nobody will tolerate nor abide another TBTF heist on top of it, this time.

    There is a 1999 overall feel to this. Good.

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