Pound Flash Crashes On Moody’s Cut

UK Cut to Aa2 From Aa1 by Moody’s.


Pound Surges As Rampant Shoe Inflation Spurs Hawkish BoE Bets

Uncertainty around Brexit will of course continue to serve as a countervailing force, which brings us to the cruelly ironic (and exceedingly ridiculous) part of this whole charade

O, Canada! China?! Yellen Yellin’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, well this should be an interesting week. We’ll get the BoC, which will make Bloomberg’s Luke Kawa happy because it means Canada will be in the spotlight for once. He’s got some fun Canada-themed socks we imagine he might wear on Wednesday. “The recent avalanche of hawkish messages from the BoC, as well as…

It’s The Politics Stupid! BIS Flags A “Scary” Change In The Market’s Mindset

“Underlying a number of these changes was a shift of market participants’ attention away from monetary policy and towards political events.”

Russell Shuffle Day, Brexit Anniversary, & Crude Carnage

It’s Russell reshuffle day, which means equities will likely be jarred out of any summer lull, if only for a moment. As Bloomberg notes, “in four of the last five years, reconstitution day ranked in the 10 busiest trading sessions, [but] at the same time, it rarely triggers big price swings in the market.” It’s…

Pound Dives To Post-Election Low

“There are a lot of potential risks which could come together to various degrees.”

Stocks Super Happy, Oil “Flirts With Collapse,” UK Brexits, France Wonders Why No One Voted

Generally speaking, it was a quiet overnight session as traders look forward to a light calendar in the days ahead – or at least compared to the last two weeks. There was of course another “van attack” in the UK (“van attack” has become “a thing” now). Additionally, Monday marks the start of Brexit negotiations.…

Brexit Negotiations Begin Monday: Here’s Your Insanely Complicated Visual Guide

“A bloody nightmare.”

“I’m The One Who Got Us Into This Mess,” A Brent Death Cross, And “The Day Before Tomorrow”

Today is all about tomorrow…

One Trader Thinks You’re Silly, Says You’re “A Wannabe Method Actor”

“Trading these markets is turning us all into wannabe method actors. We’re all desperately hoping someone will tell us what is our motivation.”

What A “Buzz Kill”: Tech Selloff Goes Global

“There’s a chance U.S. internet technology stocks that have propelled a global stock rally will now serve as a buzz kill.”

From “Dis-May” To “Bloody Idiot”: UK Election Front Pages In Pictures

“Did that go the way you thought it was gonna go?”


Let’s All Laugh At Theresa May’s Enormous Fuck Up: Full UK Election Post-Mortem

“People have said they have quite enough of austerity politics. The PM called this election because she wanted a mandate. Well, the mandate she’s got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence.”

The Only Brexit Chart You Need…

“What is the EU?”…

“That Bloody Brexit Referendum Fucked Us”: Pound Plunges On UK Election Turmoil

“It is becoming ever clearer that this country was completely fucked by that stupid bloody referendum.”