Boris Johnson Writes Letter To Corbyn, Just Wants ‘This Nightmare To End’

Boris Johnson Writes Letter To Corbyn, Just Wants ‘This Nightmare To End’

Boris Johnson is seeking a general election for December 12.

The pound fell to a one-week low on the news.

Earlier this week, MPs rejected Boris’s desperate bid to fast-track the latest version of a Brexit deal through Parliament. The vote came just minutes after lawmakers approved the general principles of the agreement. Boris subsequently “paused” the bill.

“This Parliament must get Brexit done now or a NEW Parliament must get Brexit done so the country can move on”, an exasperated Johnson tweeted on Thursday, along with a letter to Jeremy Corbyn.

The letter – on the off chance anyone cares enough to enlarge it and read it – is highly amusing.

“These repeated delays have been bad for the economy, bad for businesses, and bad for millions of people trying to plan their futures”, Boris wrote to Corbyn.

If you replaced the first three words with “Brexit” and changed “have” to “has”, you’d end up with a perfectly accurate sentence.

It is, quite obviously, Brexit itself which has businesses worried and people panicking about the future.

It’s true that attempts to stop Brexit are prolonging the uncertainty, but blaming the “Remain” camp for the accompanying anxiety makes about as much sense as Donald Trump touting the “ceasefire” he brokered in Syria without mentioning that he was largely to blame for the outbreak of violence in the first place.

In the letter, Boris commits to dedicating as much time as possible (including Fridays and weekends) to get the divorce deal through between now and November 6, if Corbyn agrees to vote for an election next week.

“This means that we could get Brexit done before the election on 12 December, if MPs choose to do so”, Johnson says, adding that if Parliament “refuses to take this chance and fails to ratify by the end of 6 November, as I fear it will, then the issue will have to be resolved by a new Parliament and Government” which he notes could “be in place by Christmas”.

And so, the farce continues.

Johnson did get one thing right, though. “It is our duty to end this nightmare… as soon as we reasonably can”, he told Corbyn.



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