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Boris Johnson Wins, Then Loses, Then Pauses Brexit Bill

“One way or another"...

“One way or another"...
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1 comment on “Boris Johnson Wins, Then Loses, Then Pauses Brexit Bill

  1. This outcome looks pretty positive for Boris. He can now run against Parliment for having “dragged their feet”. The fact that he got his agreement approved allows him to say he did all he could short of breaking the law to get out. He cleverly withdrew the bill before Parliment could ammend it. He also sent the letter per the law to the EU to comply with the Benn Act, but followed up with a letter saying please don’t give us an extension. This he can use to protect himself and the tories from the right wing Brexit party who will accuse him of not getting out by October 31. With a first past the post system in Britain and a divided opposition it looks like Boris may eventually have his cake and eaten it too- he probably does not need a majority of voters to win an outright majority in parliment. The story is not over yet though- many things could yet happen.

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