Just Three Years Later, A Brexit Deal Emerges From A Raging Dumpster Fire But…

Just Three Years Later, A Brexit Deal Emerges From A Raging Dumpster Fire But…

After "just" three years, a Brexit deal has been reached. The new agreement will be put to a vote in Parliament on Saturday, Boris Johnson's spokeswoman Alison Donnelly told reporters Thursday. The relevant documents can be found below, but the broad strokes of the proposal and political declaration are as follows: Proposal covers transition period, including financial commitments. Covers legal operative solution in withdrawal agreement to avoid hard border in Ireland. Northern I
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6 thoughts on “Just Three Years Later, A Brexit Deal Emerges From A Raging Dumpster Fire But…

  1. The UK originally signed up for a trading block. All the rage in the 70s. That changed when Major signed them into the Maastricht agreement, committing the UK to surrender political sovereignty to Brussels. That was never going to be the last word, because if the Brits have one characteristic, it’s that they don’t take sh*t from the ‘Frogs, Krauts, Hoons, Spics etc’ (as they call them). The EU as a project is now a dead man walking; Anyone who thinks the rank-and-file Germans and French will ever sleep happily on a bed together has obviously never been to either country. The Brits, despite the enormous ‘divorce bill’, just sidestepped a potentially trillion pound nightmare.

  2. “a great new deal that takes back control”
    Other than parroting a three-year old talking point conjured by evil mastermind Dominic Cummings there does not seem to be too much substance in BoJos words (who knew?)
    DUP and SNP have already announced they will not vote for this “new deal” in parliament, Labour is “skeptical”.
    Having alienated large parts of his own party (euphemism for “kicked out” :-)) Mr. Johnson will find it difficult to find a majority in the House of Commons on Saturday.
    Markets seem to think the same, after being up handily on the News (especially DAX and Stoxx 600) most of the inital gains have already been faded.

  3. This may pass with the proviso that the deal is subject to a referendum to approve either leave with this deal or stay. It looks pretty iffy to pass otherwise- there are apparently 22 labor back benchers that are seriously pro leave so Johnson may be able to somehow get this deal passed. Given the opposition by the other parties and the minority status of his government it is far from a slam dunk however.

  4. I recognize all the others, but who are the Hoons? For all his loutish behaviour, Boris has not really achieved that much. A little like the guy with the natural hair across the pond. Thanks for the summary of the Brexit terms

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