SpongeBob SquareBanks.

SpongeBob SquareBanks.

It might seem strange to suggest that developed market central banks aren't buying enough bonds right now, but that is precisely where the debate is headed in the second half of the year. "Enough" isn't a normative term in this case. "Enough" simply refers to whether monetary policymakers are prepared to absorb and soak up a sufficient amount of new supply tied to fiscal stimulus to keep a lid on yields, thereby suppressing borrowing costs for their respective sovereigns and averting any kind o
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  1. Great read! One thing I’ve noticed is this long duration infatuation has led, or at least contributed to some really positive societal shifts, enter ESG. Investors have to look further and further out the risk curve and really look at companies that have long term staying power, those with minimal regulatory risks, those who are the most innovative, and the most efficient, hence the growthy outperformance.

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