‘Triple-Digit Club’: Spanish Stocks, Bonds Slide, Spread To Bunds Hits 100bps As Rajoy Faces No-Confidence Vote

Sorry, Mario. Looks like September is looking less and less feasible.


Sincerely Yours. 😥

Oh well. 😥

One Bank Discovers A ‘Staggering’ Stat Amid Italian Bond Selloff

Witness the power of CSPP.

Can You Say ‘Quantitative Failure’? Fresh Evidence Of Eurozone Economic Deceleration Raises Uncomfortable Questions

Even without the Italian jitters, you do not want to be tightening policy into a slowdown and again, this just underscores the risk inherent in persisting in accommodation for years upon years…

Pulling The Punchbowl When The Espresso Is Hot And The Economy Is Cooling

Some folks are skeptical.

Italian Bonds Spooked As Two Guys Who Are Admittedly ‘Not Superman And Batman’ Ponder Asking For €250 Billion ECB Writedown

Populism strikes again.

The Market Has A New ‘Top Tail Risk’ (And The Same ‘Most Crowded Trade’)

Risks aplenty.

‘Transitory’ Or Not, European Deceleration Raises ‘QF’ Specter, Dreaded ‘Ammo’ Question

Nobody say “quantitative failure”.

‘They’re Still The Largest Sellers Of Vol.’: And So, The Baton Is Passed To Forward Guidance

Remember, “transparency as a way of stabilizing the markets has become a tool of suboptimal control.”

BTP-Bund Spread Widens As Italy All Set To Try Populist Government, Because What Has Ever Gone Wrong With That?

But don’t get any ideas or Draghi will “rip your eyes out”.

More Good News Out Of Eurozone Economy And By ‘Good’, I Mean ‘Bad’

You know that “global slowdown” narrative that seems to be gradually supplanting the “synchronous global growth” meme that dominated in 2017? Yeah, so that was reinforced a bit on Monday.

‘Bonds, Bonds, Everywhere!’

“At what price?”

Spiraling Down The Rabbit Hole: What Happens When The Ammo Is Gone?

Down the rabbit hole you go.

ECB On Hold: Everything You Need To Know For Draghi

It’ll be more interesting than people were anticipating in light of last Friday’s comments from Draghi and recent lackluster econ.

Around The World In 1,200 Words: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, lots on the docket.