Fly Me To The Moon.

I was told Icarus would be unleashed.


ECB Minutes Show Bank Concerned About ‘Premature’ Emancipation (Of Markets)

Happens to a lot of guys.

‘Why Does It Hurt When We Unwind?’ Why The Re-emancipation Of Markets Will Be Painful

“This time is different.”

No, really.

Are Central Banks Trying To ‘Purposely’ Engineer Volatility? These Investors Think So

The bottom line: for credit investors, the risk of central banks becoming more hawkish is now a two-headed beast.

Trader: Here’s Why I Would Fade Ray Dalio’s Massive Short

“We will probably never know, but I think it’s an interesting exercise to speculate on the reasons for the massive bet.”

‘Is This The End Of The Central Bank Put’?

It may be time to question your religion.

Final Curtain? Full Week Ahead Preview

Is this it?

‘Shocks’ And A ‘Critical’ Level

In pop culture terms, “there’s levels to this shit.”

The Good Old Days.

I remember when…

Dear ECB: Good Luck Stayin’ Dovish With Data Like That

“…with higher costs being increasingly passed on to customers, the survey sends a warning signal for a potential rise in future consumer price inflation.”

Nobody Could Have Seen An Anonymously-Sourced Dovish ECB Article Coming On Monday

Well damn, who could have seen a “people familiar with the matter” story coming from the ECB? 

Trader: ‘The Path For All Fiat Currencies Is Clear’

“…never in modern financial history has a Central Bank expanded its balance sheet through quantitative easing and then successfully shrunk it back down.”

The Deflation Demon Lives!

So, could Trump end up resurrecting the deflation demon we thought we’d finally exorcised? 

WTF Klaas? Amid Scramble To Contain Euro Strength, ECB’s Knot Says QE ‘Must End ASAP’

This was not the time, Klaas. 

Davos Man.

Well, that didn’t disappoint.