ECB Confronts ‘Revelation’ Of Spread Targeting ‘Policy’ Amid Pandemic Response

The ECB came into its first meeting of 2021 under the shadow of renewed lockdowns across Europe's largest economies. An aggressive second (or is this the third?) wave of the virus threatens to derail the central bank's economic forecasts which were already subject to even more uncertainty than usual. And that's just a nice way of saying that if forecasting is always impossible, it's now just an exercise in abject futility. The bank kept stimulus unchanged Thursday. Or, in the Governing Council

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5 thoughts on “ECB Confronts ‘Revelation’ Of Spread Targeting ‘Policy’ Amid Pandemic Response

  1. Seems like maybe in 50 years we can talk about an exit? of course that would assume there are no crises between now and 50 years that require “extraordinary measures”

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