Nobody pull the wrong block.


Here Are The New ECB Projections Everyone Was Waiting On…

Ok, with that out of the way, here are the key projections…

ECB On Hold, All Eyes On The Outlook As ‘Goldilocks’ Conditions Affirmed By PMIs

“They can afford to be boring.”

But watch that 2020 forecast.

A December Hike And Yellen’s Last Hurrah: Full Week Ahead Preview

A snowy hike and so much more.

‘The Inconvenient Truth About Asset Bubbles’

Any questions? If so, please refer them to your favorite FinTwit pundit who will be happy to show you a chart he made on Excel that “disproves” all of the above.

Why This Wind Down Is Different.

Follow the red line…

‘Run Screaming For The Hills’: Presenting The Fallacy Of Disaggregation

“Yet, we would argue that the mere fact that investors fail to spot trouble in a single sector should not be grounds for comfort: the reason why no single sector stands out may be that all the sectors are mispriced.”

‘Rational Exuberance’ – Which Is An Oxymoron

“It has become progressively difficult to say something new.”

Of Double-Downgrades, Booming GDP And Stocks That Are Priced To Perfection

…and all the commentary was accompanied by stock photos of people in hard hats making shit with screwdrivers.

Clean Up Your Damn Junk: Full Week Ahead Preview

“This is the big one, Elizabeth!”

It’s The Oil, Stupid.

“There is no puzzle.”

‘Spaced Out’: Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight.

So what do you do? There are no “good” answers.

Suspension Of Disbelief And ‘The Largest Vol Seller In The Market’

Suspension of disbelief, on the other hand, implies an active effort on the part of the person or persons in question to avoid common sense in favor of a more convenient explanation of reality.

Back To The Future.

It was a good day for the “future.”

One Trader Asks: ‘Jeez, What Does Draghi Know That We Don’t?’

“It feels like yesterday will be as good as the news gets once investors start thinking about it.”