‘Blue Sky’, ‘Ugly’ Or ‘Armageddon’: 3 Paths For The Emancipation Trade

Jerome Powell has become something of a whipping boy for market participants and especially for Donald Trump, who on Monday renewed his attacks on the Fed a little more than a week ahead of the December FOMC meeting. To us, it was always clear that Powell's self-described "plain English" approach to communicating combined with his decision to hold press conferences after each meeting was a recipe for problems, especially in an environment where the Fed was set to keep raising rates. Initially,

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One thought on “‘Blue Sky’, ‘Ugly’ Or ‘Armageddon’: 3 Paths For The Emancipation Trade

  1. Don’t buy the inflation scenario being a great risk now. If we got some inflation, that would allow central banks to raise policy rates and get off th he zero bound. Only if it was a rapid inflation acceleration combined with no real growth would it be a trap. Otherwise a little extra inflation at this point would be helpful for central banks and world economies.

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