Around The World In 1,200 Words: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, lots on the docket.


Digesting Friday’s Draghi, ECB Headlines

A poor choice of words (?) and another leak.

Dollar Strength Is Hiding In Plain Sight, And One Strategist Says It’s Here To Stay

Sustainable rally or dead cat?

Going Forward, There Is No Debate: ‘The Balance Sheet Effect Is One Of Tightening’

But hey, this should be fine, right?

This Is What A Broken Market Looks Like: No One Traded 10Y JGBs On Tuesday

Completely lifeless.

Goldilocks Goes To War

After all, she’s got a habit of hanging out with and implicitly taunting bears…

You Will Have To Pry Kuroda’s ‘Very Powerful Easing’ From His ‘Very Cold, Very Dead’ Hands

Any questions? If so, you can direct them to Kuroda’s secretary, Tinker Bell.

You’re Lying About Kuroda, So Let Kuroda Tell You What Kuroda ‘Never Said’

Right. Get your shit straight people. 

Not For The Faint-Hearted: Full Week Ahead Preview

This is not going to be for the faint of heart.

Have Genius, Will Travel.

Well needless to say, this was not a particularly inspiring week.

Trader: ‘This Feels Like A Throwback To The Pre-Weekend Choices We Had To Make During The Crisis’

To be clear, you don’t ever want to count out the dip-buyers. But…

If You’re Long Risk Assets, You Do Not Want To Hear Kuroda Using The Word ‘Exit’

For two months now, the world has been eyeing the BoJ closely for signs they might be set to follow the Fed and the ECB down the road to policy normalization. 

Japan And China Just Closed February On A Sour Note

Lots of notables here.

Fly Me To The Moon.

I was told Icarus would be unleashed.

BoJ May Need To Buy Foreign Bonds After Running Out Of Other Shit To Buy

Fun with the BoJ!