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‘Expect The Unexpected’: One Bank Ponders Peak Plutonomy, Peak Polarization, MMT And 70% Taxes

"Bulgakov's cat, Behemoth, played chess and took trams."

"Bulgakov's cat, Behemoth, played chess and took trams."
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6 comments on “‘Expect The Unexpected’: One Bank Ponders Peak Plutonomy, Peak Polarization, MMT And 70% Taxes

  1. They have tried everything and nothing worked …They (guess who) have the power and the money and think they can get away with anything… This post miters right into the post of this morning on Autocracy . Read the comments they could apply here (this post) as well..Solutions anyone???

  2. Geez, the Jeff Gundlach bashing is getting just plain weird.

    • It’s a joke – somewhat of an inside one, at that. My advice: If you don’t think you’re in on it, then maybe you aren’t and therefore it might be best if you ignore it in favor of the other 1,000 words in the article.

  3. The Master and Margarita is a very entertaining reading, I recommend it to everybody.

    What they are doing is a kind of elicopter money behind the curtains. Since economies struggle, give free money to the people, but not direcly, do it by using financial assets and inflate them.

  4. How to “expect the unexpected”? What would that be right now? Trump starts making effective (not on purpose of course) decisions? The recession everyone is waiting for never happens? The market gets stuck in perpetual up and down sideways limbo?

    • What if… we have a two speed recession? What if everything that is monetized by federal banks grows and nothing else? What if the stock market and corporate debt and profits soar but wages continue to stagnate or fall? What if housing prices continue to grow due to easy lending conditions but no one can afford them but central banks just buy the toxic assets anyway? What if companies that should go out of business can just keep surviving on more and more debt and more and more buybacks? What if we just permanently print money and hand it directly to rich people at faster and faster rates?

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