‘As Far As I’m Concerned, It’s Just Speculation’: Full Week Ahead Preview

“Right away, you’re ready to sell it.”


In My Experience, Getting Drunk With Political Scientists Is Safer Than Getting Drunk With Economists

Two economists walk into a bar…

Baby Birds.

I think people might be missing some of the nuance inherent in what’s happened to markets this month. 

‘Why Does It Hurt When We Unwind?’ Why The Re-emancipation Of Markets Will Be Painful

“This time is different.”

No, really.

David Stockman Presents: The Folly Of 2% Inflation Targeting

“At the end of the day, the real scandal of central banking is that it takes credit for what it doesn’t cause and can’t achieve in the main street economy, while ignoring the mayhem its machinations bring to the financial system.”

‘You’re Going The Wrong Way!’

“Oh, they’re drunk. How would they know where we’re going?”

Albert Edwards: ‘Trump’’s Grotesquely Ill-Timed Stimulus Will Be Trigger For Market Implosion, Recession’

“…a ruinous fiscal deficit in excess of 15% of GDP will be Trump’s legacy.”

Wall Street Weighs In On ‘Super-Important’, Bigly Tremendous CPI Beat

“…inflation risks are clearly shifting to the upside.”

CPI Quick Take: What Happens When The Battle Is ‘Won’?

That’s the question.

Market Correction: Lessons From 2006

If you’re looking for some confirmation bias for your still-bullish outlook…

‘Is This The End Of The Central Bank Put’?

It may be time to question your religion.

Final Curtain? Full Week Ahead Preview

Is this it?

David Stockman Presents: The Two Elephants The GOP Has Forgotten

“Indeed, they are the proverbial elephants in the room, thereby giving rise to a considerable irony: To wit, the GOP party of the elephant, which is supposed to be the palladium of financial rectitude in American politics, has forgotten about them completely.”

David Stockman: ‘Run! This Casino Is About To Blow’

“… if you are still in the Wall Street casino, run don’t walk toward the nearest emergency exit.”

Fed Statement: Highlights, Red Line