‘Well What If There Is No Tomorrow?’: Fed, Kushner, And Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, it’s Sunday evening at HR, and you know what that means…


Stocks Fly To Records, Global Risk Rally Continues As Bad Data, ‘Good’ Yellen Keep Hope Alive

The message is loud and fucking clear: the vol. seller’s/ carry trader’s paradise and the risk party that’s made every homegamer with some SPY and QQQ look like a guru for the past eight years depends on DM central bankers staying some modicum of dovish. And on that score, bad data helps.

Stocks Surge On ‘Good Cop’ Yellen; Trader Makes ‘Unprecedented’ $10 Million Bond Bet

Well, the message from Yellen was heard loud and clear and amusingly, so was the message from Stephen Poloz. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking they coordinated to make sure one offset the other. The BoC hiked, as expected, but “expected” is a relative term here. Because the whole abrupt shift in rhetoric that culminated…