Transparency: The Dark Side

Ok, who’s ready to take another look behind the “fourth wall?”


‘Tell That To Rain Man’

“Either way, you gotta be super smart to run a country and sell vol. buddy, okay? It’s not easy.”

What The Heck Is Goin’ On?

“The truth of the matter is that the market doesn’t know how to interpret the Fed.”

1 Million.

“It’s not crazy”…

In 2020, It All Goes ‘Horribly Right’

“So hang in there, volatility longs. Only three more years ’til it all goes horribly right!”

Goldman Answers All Of Your Questions About The September Fed Meeting

Q: Will the FOMC hike the funds rate in December?
A: Yes, probably.

La, La, La.

Finally, in case you haven’t had enough of “connecting the dots” today, here’s another exercise for you…

Fed Decision: Highlights, Redline, Dots, Projections, Analysis

“Connect the dots”…

Dollar, Yields Rise While Stocks, Gold Dip On ‘Hawkish’ Fed

The Fed still sees another hike in 2017, perhaps proving that they are in fact leaning in the direction of looking through subdued inflation in the interest of safeguarding financial stability. 

Apocalypse Now (Again).

Well for those who had their doom bunkers all prepped and ready, there’s “good” news on Tuesday – the apocalypse is back on.

‘We Fear Gold, Bonds, And Stock Prices May All Suffer A Sudden Drop’

“With the Fed’s balance sheet poised to contract and financial conditions set to tighten either steadily or abruptly, we fear gold, fixed income, and equity asset prices may suffer a sudden drop.”

Waving Goodbye To Our $4.5 Trillion Friend…

Nothing profound, just a retrospective as we wave goodbye to our $4.5 trillion friend…

Janet. Fed Preview

Good luck out there – your fate rests on the shoulders of a diminutive economist with a pixie cut…

How To Trade The Fed’s Big Announcement And Why There Won’t Be A ‘Tantrum’

Given the well-choreographed and gradual adjustment, we expect that asset markets will avoid another ‘taper tantrum.'”

El-Erian: Central Banks Are Not Your ‘BFF’ Anymore

“In this environment, it should come as no surprise that central banks have been eager to maintain considerable policy optionality and flexibility. After all, they too are puzzled by key economic relationships that they were confidently modeling not so long ago.”