Strategist: Go To The Party But For God’s Sake, “Know Where The Nearest Exit Is”

“There’s certainly no guarantee that the party stops any time soon. Maybe I am just a grumpy macro man, but even when attending the party, I am going to make sure I know where the nearest exits are located.”


“Unexplained, High-Volume Drops,” Yuan Shenanigans, And A Cartel Meeting

Well, things have been “choppy” overnight and especially around the flood of OPEC headlines that started coming in around 4:30 a.m. EST. As noted earlier this morning, crude dipped precipitously (although, the definition of phrases like “precipitous dip” and “flash crash” seems to be getting more liberal by the day of late) when Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister…

Fed Minutes: “Soon” Or “Soon”-ish

“Most participants judged that if economic information came in about in line with their expectations, it would soon be appropriate for the Committee to take another step in removing some policy accommodation. A number of participants pointed out that clarification of prospective fiscal and other policy changes would remove one source of uncertainty for the economic outlook.”

It’s Too Quiet: Except For China. And South Korea. And Collapsing Metals.

It’s Tuesday, and they’re voting in South Korea. There’s an annoying power vacuum over there at a precarious time. Here’s a deliberately deadpan rundown: Turns out the former president – Park Geun-hye – was bribing people and abusing her power and shit like that. She’s in jail and apparently is refusing to vote. So that’s fun. Turnout is…