Trump Releases Actual Commercial Teasing His Pick For The Fed

“Have fun. And God bless America.”


Back To The Future.

It was a good day for the “future.”

Trump Said To Lean Towards Powell For Fed – Unclear If Lou Dobbs Is Involved

Maybe Lou Dobbs changed his mind, or maybe Trump held another straw poll, or maybe he just woke up on the “Powell side” of the bed this morning, but according to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, Jerome is going to get the job.

Yellen, Warsh Out Of The Running For Fed: Politico

“President Trump changes his opinion on the issue every day, so it can’t be assumed Powell and Taylor are the only possible choices.”


“…or what counts as ‘fireworks.'”

Gary Cohn’s Anti-Nazi Leanings Not Welcome At Trump’s Fed, Will Leave White House After Tax Deal: BBG

“I’m sorry Gary, you seem like a good guy and all, but when it comes to dictating monetary policy we’re looking for someone who’s more closely aligned with our feelings on the whole Master Race thing.

Did Fox News Just Officially Rule Out Janet Yellen?


Powell, Taylor, Krusty And Why Trump Should Just Name Trump Fed Chair

“Eliminate the middle man.”

Should Have Just Gotten Drunk.

Anyone home out there?

‘A Taylor Away From Losing A Year Of Carry In 15 Minutes’

“Say what you want about the guy, but if Trump has an area of expertise, it’s cheap credit. To think he will follow through with his campaign promise to return the Federal Reserve to an era of discipline is naive.”

Super Mario: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, the docket is full and the risks are multiplying.

Bloomberg Pleads With Trump: ‘Give Yellen Another Term’

“Investors will ask how this disagreement will be resolved — and how abruptly, if at all, might policy change as a result.”

Sonny Black.


Trump Leaning Towards Powell For Fed Chair: Politico

Just hours after Janet Yellen left the White House, Politico reported that Powell is the leading candidate.

Mild Turbulence.

Fasten your seatbelts.