‘Historic Fed Shift’ Was A Good Headline While It Lasted

"We’re going to try to make up for past misses, but it’s going to be in the judgment of the committee and there are different opinions around the table", Jim Bullard told Bloomberg's Michael McKee, in a Thursday interview. He was commenting following Jerome Powell's much-ballyhooed Jackson Hole speech, delivered via livestream this year in accordance with virus containment protocols. The changes unveiled by Powell on Thursday either represent an epochal shift in the Fed's framework, or mere

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3 thoughts on “‘Historic Fed Shift’ Was A Good Headline While It Lasted

  1. “Powell’s decision to focus on low-income workers, which took more than eight years to show progress relative to high-income jobs…”

    And less than 8 weeks to put them even farther behind than they were to begin with!

  2. 2 thoughts. First, 1959-1965 the CPI was constantly sub-2.0%, When it moved above 2.0% it would not return to that level for 20-years. Second, if Pandemics are good for Bezos and the rest, what sort of Virus do they plan to release in 2021?

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