If You’re Long Risk Assets, You Do Not Want To Hear Kuroda Using The Word ‘Exit’

For two months now, the world has been eyeing the BoJ closely for signs they might be set to follow the Fed and the ECB down the road to policy normalization. 


Japan And China Just Closed February On A Sour Note

Lots of notables here.

Fly Me To The Moon.

I was told Icarus would be unleashed.

BoJ May Need To Buy Foreign Bonds After Running Out Of Other Shit To Buy

Fun with the BoJ!

‘Why Does It Hurt When We Unwind?’ Why The Re-emancipation Of Markets Will Be Painful

“This time is different.”

No, really.

‘Is This The End Of The Central Bank Put’?

It may be time to question your religion.

Trader: Here’s What Central Banks Won’t Do

“I am 99.90 bid the 0.10%’s of 27.”

“OK, paying 90. For how many?”


BoJ Wants You To Know They Are Not The Black Swan You’re Looking For

This might seem esoteric, but to the extent you care about Albert Edwards’ thesis with regard to whether a surprise BoJ tightening and the yen appreciation it would entail could end up being the black swan everyone is looking far and wide for, this is something you should probably keep an eye on.

Trader: ‘The Path For All Fiat Currencies Is Clear’

“…never in modern financial history has a Central Bank expanded its balance sheet through quantitative easing and then successfully shrunk it back down.”

The Deflation Demon Lives!

So, could Trump end up resurrecting the deflation demon we thought we’d finally exorcised? 

If You Thought That Was Crazy: Full Week Ahead Preview

How about a little more fun?

Davos Man.

Well, that didn’t disappoint.

Let The Currency Wars Commence: Amid USDJPY Slide, One Bank Asks What’s Next

Everyone wants to know what comes next.

Money Laundering.

What to say about Tuesday? Well, a lot actually.

Do Yourself A Favor And Don’t Ignore The BoJ, Ok?

What’s in a word or, in this case, four words?