Of Cryptos And Kurodas: A Friday Macro Tourist Odyssey

“And before you send me messages how I don’t understand it, don’t forget I was mining bitcoin before most of Wall Street had ever heard of it.”


‘Tell That To Rain Man’

“Either way, you gotta be super smart to run a country and sell vol. buddy, okay? It’s not easy.”

Put On Your Chewbacca Socks And Buy This ‘Stock’ For 160% Gain

“Why bother with hedge funds when you can buy the SNB? They print Swiss Francs and invest the proceeds in stocks.”

Comedy Hour Is Brought To You By: The BoJ

Now if you didn’t know any better, you’d be inclined to think that any dissent as it relates to the BoJ’s lunatic policies would have to be centered around an objection to the inherent recklessness of it all. But that’s if you didn’t know any better…

Janet. Fed Preview

Good luck out there – your fate rests on the shoulders of a diminutive economist with a pixie cut…

More Insanity: Nonfunctioning JGB Market Shrugs Off Kuroda

Explain this.

Waiting Game.

Just biding time…

‘This Is Very Unusual’ – BoJ Plunge Protection Breaks Topix-Yen Link


‘A Reversal Could Be Very Painful’: JGB Average Volume Hits All-Time Low

“…so if there is an unexpected major reversal, it could be very rapid and very painful.”

America Is ‘A Gong Show’ – So Maybe Put Your Money Here Instead

“As summer comes to an end, and investment committees meet in early September, I don’t see how at the margin, America doesn’t get a downgrade from asset allocators throughout the world. The simple fact is that the much hyped Trump optimism has been sorely misplaced.”

Save The Date: By ‘End-March 2019’ The Japanese Stock Market Will Cease To Function

“This could cause the number of shares circulating on the market to almost completely dry up for some stocks.”

The BoJ Will Own The Entire Free-Float Of Uniqlo Within 3 Years

In the wake of the BoJ’s Thursday decision to follow Haruhiko Kuroda further and further into policy Neverland, it’s probably worth reminding you about just how surreal the situation has become with regard to the “Tokyo Whale” and its ETF book. For those who might have missed our most recent posts on this, you’re encouraged…

A ‘Gettin’ Away With Murder’ Type Of Day: Thursday Market Wrap

Thursday was all about people who might have gotten away with murder…

BoJ Stands Pat, Pushes Back Timing For Inflation Goal They’ll Never Hit


‘Billions And Billions And Billions’: ECB, BoJ, And Your Full Week Ahead Preview

If you didn’t get your fill of hand-wringing over DM central banks last week, then you’re in luck…