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Bank Of Japan Takes Gloves Off. Says ‘No Limit’ On Bond Buying

"Necessary amounts."

"Necessary amounts."
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4 comments on “Bank Of Japan Takes Gloves Off. Says ‘No Limit’ On Bond Buying

  1. What’s left? Outlawing cash?

  2. Tinto de Verano

    Always a pleasure to read you !!! … stay safe and healthy !!!

  3. If you told me 15 years ago that doing such a thing was not an overt form of the devaluation I would’ve laughed at you. Nobody would dream of calling them currency manipulators at the moment .
    Thank you for keeping me informed with a little sugar for all the bitter pills.

  4. If the human race is in fact a failed experiment in Evolution then certainly the Capitalist system is a failed experiment in Empire building and creating sustainable economics.. ( truly dystopian ..quoting an Author of SA this AM )… The only difference I can see is the generation cycles in the world of finance lead to much more immediate conclusions.. Excessive tampering with the rules of the game may in hindsight have been the tragic flaw , but of course , the Human species has built in flaws in it’s character…

    We inevitably are approaching an inflection point that makes a separate Chapter in the History books where the philosophical explanations carry more weight than the purveyors of 20-20 hindsight.. We live in interesting times…!!

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