“What more could a Japanese equity bull want?”


‘Geopolitical Risks Won’t Go Away’: North Korea’s Latest Missile Launch Tests Market’s Resilience

We would respectfully disagree with that assessment. Just because you didn’t aim your missiles at something new doesn’t mean firing missiles isn’t an “escalation.” That’s like saying that if I rob my neighbor once and he warns me not to do it again, it’s not an “escalation” if I rob him a second time as long as I break in through the same door.

Nikkei Snaps Win Streak As North Korea Threatens To ‘Sink’ Japan With ‘The Nuclear Bomb Of Juche’

 “A telling blow should be dealt to them who have not yet come to senses after the launch of our ICBM over the Japanese archipelago.”

Just Make Sure You’re Hedged.

You’d probably be wise to do the same.

Make Risk Great Again.

Now stay tuned to find out if Kim bought some VXX today on the cheap so he can fire off an ICBM this evening and make a few million to put towards his next H-bomb.

Asian Shares Rally, Gold Falls As Markets Breathe Heavy Sigh Of Relief

As noted late last week, things would look quite different on Monday, one way or another.

Japan Reportedly Readies Mass Evacuation Plan For 60,000 Citizens In South Korea

Ok, well this is interesting. Nikkei is out reporting that Japan is planning for a possible mass evacuation of some 60,000 Japanese citizens currently living in or visiting South Korea. “If the U.S. decided on a military strike against the North, the Japanese government would start moving toward an evacuation on its own accord regardless of…

Asian Shares Tumble, Gold Rises As North Korea Said Planning New Missile Launch

“Though considered a tail risk, a military confrontation on the Korean peninsula could see Asian currencies falling 5% to 10% and the region’s equities plunging 20%,” UBS Wealth Management Global CIO Mark Haefele and head of Asia Pacific investment Min Lan Tan write in a new note.

‘Well What If There Is No Tomorrow?!’ We’re All Phil Connors Now

“There wasn’t one today”…

‘A Reversal Could Be Very Painful’: JGB Average Volume Hits All-Time Low

“…so if there is an unexpected major reversal, it could be very rapid and very painful.”

Don’t Dig Yourself A ‘Hole’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, so strap in, because this promises to be an interesting week. August has proven to be the month that risk assets finally took notice of the exceptionally precarious geopolitical backdrop. Risk assets have reacted unfavorably to the combination of rising tensions on the Korean peninsula and the seemingly terminal decline of the Trump administration. As…

America Is ‘A Gong Show’ – So Maybe Put Your Money Here Instead

“As summer comes to an end, and investment committees meet in early September, I don’t see how at the margin, America doesn’t get a downgrade from asset allocators throughout the world. The simple fact is that the much hyped Trump optimism has been sorely misplaced.”

You Will Listen While I Talk About That Data From Japan And China

Draw your own conclusions.

Fasten Your Seat Belts: ‘A Melting Pot’ Of Risks

“Global political developments have kept us on our toes and will continue to do so through the fall and into next year. Investors should brace for a bumpy ride.”

Japan Stocks Have Worst Day Since May As Volatility Spikes Most Since 2015

So get to work Kuroda. Here’s a dip for you to buy.