If You Were Japanese, Would You Go On A Spending Spree To Celebrate Your Massive Bitcoin And Equity Gains?

…what we wanted to point out are the multiple layers of irony here.


JPMorgan: Buy The Prospective Dip

There you go. If you see a dip, you buy it. Immediately. 

Some Folks In Japan Were Ready To Buy Some Goddamn Stocks After The Holiday

Throw in a little of Kuroda’s patented Tinker Bell dust and the fact that margined Japanese FX traders are sitting on a ¥3.2trn unrealized gain in Bitcoin, and you’ve got a recipe for … well, for more mania. 

One Bank Reveals 7 Key Calls For The New Year

But for those interested in trying to “DO SOMETHING” (as opposed to just kicking back and being “actively” passive)…

The ¥3.2 Trillion Question: What Will Mrs. Watanabe Do With ‘Her’ Bitcoin Riches?

Draw your own conclusions.

Bitcoin Gains Will ‘Ignite The Spirit’ Of The Samurai, Boost Japanese Economy

That raises the following obvious follow-on question…

The Clock Is Ticking: Full Week Ahead Preview

All in all, “no rest for the weary” if you’re a market observer/trader. 

Oh, The Humanity! Asian Shares Dive As Tech Wreck Wreaks Havoc On Hong Kong

Well on Wednesday, things got worse – and materially so. 

A Truly Contrarian Call

“…it’s about to accelerate. Not only that, the tank is full of gasoline, and the car has been stripped of all the extra weight.”

Leftovers: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, look: if you’re still hungover from a combination of turkey, greasy mashed potatoes, and copious amounts of not-quite-top-shelf red wine, it’s time to snap out of it because last week is melting into this week as tends to happen historically on Sundays.

Death & Taxes.

“That’s one small step for rich people and corporate ‘citizens’ and one giant leap for Republicans who can’t get shit done”…

What Caused Japan’s Mini-Volatility Shock?

All’s well that ends well in Japan after a six-day slide. Or maybe not.

What Global Selloff?

“…the nagging fear that the boy who cried wolf was only telling the truth when everyone had learnt to ignore him.”

Bloodbath: Global Stocks Dive In Tandem

Buckle up.

Monday, Monday.

The fireworks started in Japan and that’s where they ended.