‘Oh, My God’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Plenty to fret about (and laugh at).


Asia Rally Dies As China’s Tariffs On U.S. Imports Take Effect – All Eyes On Trump

April (and Q2) got off to a less than inspiring start on Monday as an early Asian rally shriveled up and died on the vine as the market tries to figure out how to digest myriad uncertainties around the burgeoning trade spat between Washington and Beijing.

‘Let’s Get Out And Take A Breather’: A Look Across Asian Markets At Quarter End

“…we need some market stability at this point and hopefully we get to some calmer waters.”

Caution: Slippery Ramp

Well markets are rocking from London to Hong Kong on Tuesday as the world takes its cues from the blockbuster rally U.S. stocks staged on Monday.

Nightmare In Japan As Stocks Collapse Amid Yen Surge

It was a black day for equities in Asia and Japan was hit especially hard.

This Is What A Broken Market Looks Like: No One Traded 10Y JGBs On Tuesday

Completely lifeless.

And Now, We Wait.

It says a lot about how uninspiring a given day truly was when the biggest news involves Larry Kudlow.

What If China Rolls Over? Lessons From Japan

“I would have never guessed that Japan’s commodity usage held up so strongly following the bursting of their financial bubble.”

Look, Abe And Aso Are Real Sorry For Doctoring Those Goddamn School Papers, Now Can We All Just Get Back To Buying Some Stocks Please?!

Don’t worry, he’s got it under control.

You’re Not Wrong Walter, You’re Just An Asshole.

“Am I wrong?”

‘You’re Going The Wrong Way!’

“Oh, they’re drunk. How would they know where we’re going?”

Overnight: Yen-Sanity

It was all about the yen overnight. Again.

Black Tuesday: The Asian Stock Rout In Pictures


Japanese Stocks Crash At The Open, Volatility Explodes Higher

Asia is open.

And it is not pretty.

Japanese Stocks Routed, Kosdaq Collapses As Global Stocks React To Wall Street Turmoil

So you tell me: “healthy correction” or “global rout”?