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White House Back In Crisis: All 4 Roger Stone Prosecutors Quit Case After Barr Intervention

Welcome to autocracy, America.

Welcome to autocracy, America.
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10 comments on “White House Back In Crisis: All 4 Roger Stone Prosecutors Quit Case After Barr Intervention

  1. Unhinged, and now unleashed. He may hang himself yet. A malignant narcissist personality disorder can’t help itself.

    • gdhalpha says:

      “He may hang himself yet”

      Each week we see the bar for that happening raised higher. You ask yourself, what would it take? It’s becoming extreme. With the Senate, Supreme Court, and the DOJ in his pocket, our system of checks and balances no longer exists.
      All the ink of H, WAPO, and NYT isn’t enough to offset FaceBook (false ads and accounts) and Fox
      I’m even losing faith in the ballot box.

    • Anymouse says:

      We should be so lucky

  2. Anonymous says:

    Susan Collins was right, trump learned his lesson. He is above the law.

    I believe they have said tweets are official policy, correct?

    Let’s see Biden is accused of interfering in an investigation (one that was not active). trump has continuously commented on investigations regarding himself and his comrades.

    And now he comments on sentencing via twitter (official policy?) as Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

    Ok, yeah, this is America.

    I hope the voters wake up….

  3. This is just a setup so that Trump can claim a reason for his eventual pardon of Roger Stone.

  4. Ria says:

    Yes Susan Collins quote will go down in infamy. A Trump re-election will gut what is left of our democracy. Since the judge ultimately controls the sentencing maybe Roger Dodger will have to do a longer sentence than Justice Department revised ask.

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