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Donald Trump Is Above The Law. It’s Time America Just Admits It.

He's a third world strongman.

He's a third world strongman.
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17 comments on “Donald Trump Is Above The Law. It’s Time America Just Admits It.

  1. chilling, indeed.

  2. H-Man, the vote today simply reinforces to Trump that he is the Teflon man and nothing will stick. That will embolden him to stretch the envelope and do whatever he has to do to become reelected. We are now dealing with a dog, that has never been released from the lead, who roams wherever the scent goes, wildly ambling with little care other than chasing the next scent and being free from the lead .Unfortunately, no one seems to have choke collar.

  3. That does give one a 1934 feeling.

  4. You said it well. So did Charles Blow in the NYTimes last weekend in his OpEd: “America, the Idea, is Lost”

  5. The spineless toadies in Congress have now proven we are a nation of men, not laws— a chilling reminder of what happened in Germany in the 1930s. Let us all say a belated prayer as we bury our Constitution. Let us hide our heads in the sand as we gradually shed our principles and lose our individual freedoms. Let us silence all rational discourse to celebrate the death of truth and the triumph of a ghoulish dictatorship. Trump, Putin and Xi are now our rulers who can do with us as they want because we and our representatives were frightened and had not the courage to say “enough!”

  6. Let’s all recognize that what has now definitively transpired is unprecedented in the history of the United States. Andrew Johnson may have brazenly acted to expand executive power, but he did not use that power to cheat in an election or extort a foreign nation in that effort. For a similar situation, one would need to find an international example. Brazil may be a close-enough recent analogue. Presumably so is Turkey.

    No election, however miraculous, can resolve the problem alone. Now that we’ve reached this point definitively, it appears that necessary reform will require (several) constitutional amendments. Can anyone imagine 2/3 of both houses of Congress and 3/4 of the state legislatures agreeing on anything anytime soon?

    There have been many horrific days in recent years, but historians will look back and mark this day, January 31, 2020 as the definitive end of democracy in the United States. Such things are not just “given” back benevolently by those who take them with impunity. The formal theatre of the Republic may survive, but its democratic substance has been demonstrably lost.

    France has had 5 Republics since the Revolution, and call them as such. Some historians say the US, over the same period, has really been 3 distinct Republics: the first ending in Civil War, the second beginning in Reconstruction and ending with the New Deal and the Second World War, and the third persisting until now, or perhaps until a few hours ago.

  7. All hail King Trump. Those who call themselves Republicans these days have shown that if you control the senate and Executive branch, you can soon control the Judiciary and that effectively ends the rule of law which brakes our constitutional democracy. Think I’m kidding, look what others have said; ‘we can’t impeach and remove or there will be a war’, or we can’t vote him out because he’ll change the rules and stay. If that’s true then we already have a monarchy/dictatorship. The Senate Republicans couldn’t convict because it would have brought down Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Cipollone and maybe Barr. They had to go all in…and Mitch the ultimate Republican fixer delivered once again.

  8. The problem is ultimately with trump supporters. If his approval rating was 25% and the polls showed him down double digits to every Dem the Rs would have shown integrity and “courage”.

    Disagree, this will motivate Dems and with college educated suburban women (Ds have 30+ pt advantage) trump can’t win.

    That post ended any presidential aspirations for Rubio. He came off as a “slimy weasel”.

    The congress will have tremdous turnover in the R ranks over the next 6 years. This is a watershed moment.

  9. PaulMiller

    This theme that American Democracy is lost is just a bit over dramatic. No U.S. president has been successfully removed from office via impeachment. Straight party-line voting has been going on routinely since the Great Depression. So there’s no big pivot in U.S. history here.

    Now there is a valid concern that Trump-appointed conservative high-level judges will have a long-term effect. But we have had periods of both conservative and liberal courts, alternating for 200 plus years, and yet not lost our democracy. I vividly recall all of my elders in the 50’s and 60’s going apoplectic over the “ruination of America”, with communist civil-rights leaders, abortion on demand, MIranda-rights for the accused, disrespect for the flag, creeping socialism ala the War on Poverty, etc. These “greatest generation” folks genuinely feared for my future! Sound familiar?

    Things are never as bad, or as good, as they seem during times of stress.

  10. My main concern was that poor marginalized Ukrainian people suffered at Putin’s hands, while Trump delayed important protection. If this nation places value on human life, then playing games while others suffer avoidable consequences should be subject to punitive consequences. This is one of many ways that the infantile predisposition to look the other way is defacto cowardice. The name Khashoggi keeps coming to mind.

  11. Trump is a buffoon, it’s McConnel who’s the disease.

  12. I am very curious as to who is paying Dershowitz.

  13. monkfelonious

    The last time was the last time I’ll vote for Lisa Murkowski. Ohio Dan, the lickspittal, is a given but I thought Murkowski would do the right thing.

  14. Just like Brexit was confirmed by Johnson’s win, Trump’s presidency will be confirmed by an indisputable win. He will be re-elected by a sizable margin. I believe he has more converts than ever.

    Democrats are motivated and will turn out in large numbers but Trump supporters are even more motivated and will turn out with a religious furor not accessible to us love everybody types. Trump supporters will vote like they are fighting for their lives in war. They truly believe they are the persecuted ones.

    I desperately hope I am wrong.

    If as H says Trump does not leave office after loosing or after 2 terms, we will need to have a civil war. Not joking. Unfortunately, the Republicans are the ones who have been stockpiling the guns…

    • Low 40s approval rating, educated suburban women +30pts Ds. If Ds get the turnout trump can’t win. Not sure he has expanded the tent and surely has lost many women. I think WI turnout in Milwaukee and Madison was down by 80-100k in 2016 and trump won by 21k. He ain’t gonna win WI and I suspect MI and PA are similar. Don’t think he can win FL this time. A lot of people are just tired of him and just don’t like him. If job losses happen no strawman will save him. His base may be fervent but he needs more. I know many Rs that plan on voting D as a protest as the judges are now in place. Other than higher taxes, not much to lose.

  15. Think it’s a coincidence that DOJ admitted the existence of those emails last night after the vote? In your face, America.

  16. Mr. Oxygen

    So its a choice for the people who cannot be trusted to think independently or liberally whether they know it or not, a march toward socialism or a pitfall into autocracy. Ninety percent of them do not fear autocracy because they do not know what it is. Socialism scares the hell out of them.

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