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Jeff Gundlach Probably About 90% Correct To Say Chances Of Fed Cut Are About 90%

"Now a 90% chance of a 2020 cut".

"Now a 90% chance of a 2020 cut".
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5 comments on “Jeff Gundlach Probably About 90% Correct To Say Chances Of Fed Cut Are About 90%

  1. Goldfinga'

    We’re entering a deflationary spiral…….really no way to stop it. The Cetnral Banks have created a bubble far bigger than 2008……..the fall therefore, will be much greater.


  2. The Central Banks are way outside their mandate when the primary goal becomes regulating the Equity Markets . In a free market Capitalist system cycles exist (ed) but I’ll grant if you can manipulate them the money is good…..A sufficiently distracted public is required for maximum results and that seems to have been engineered ..

  3. In the past, the Fed has been pretty sensitive to changing rates close to election date. I don’t know if that rule, or any other rules, still hold true. When a trend is developing but unclear, there is typically an option to just wait for more one more month of data. It might not feel that way in September. Do you think any desire to avoid rate changes as November draws near might also make the Fed use a lower threshold for making cuts in the first half of the year?

  4. Rate Cuts: 60% of the time, they work every time…

  5. The Fed’s strategic review should* include the possibility of expanding its inflation measure to asset inflation. Because that’s where inflation is expressing itself. If you’re going to hedonically adjust away goods inflation, and ignore asset prices, then you’re going to drive off the zero cliff in search of 2%.

    But it won’t, because it never does, even when the Fed had more independence than today.

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