Trump Falls Short In Oval Office Coronavirus Address. Futures Collapse Limit-Down

Trump Falls Short In Oval Office Coronavirus Address. Futures Collapse Limit-Down

Donald Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office on Wednesday evening, more than 48 hours after he promised to deliver a "major" economic package to counter America's burgeoning public health crisis. For the last two days, lawmakers have debated the merits of various proposals including a payroll tax cut, which is the centerpiece of the administration's "plan", if that's the right word. It's not clear that is the right word, though, because even as the president did offer some concrete i
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13 thoughts on “Trump Falls Short In Oval Office Coronavirus Address. Futures Collapse Limit-Down

    1. Several people I know in markets and the organisations for whom they work have, until recently, traded on the view that the markets will stay frothy until election time because Trump would simply refuse to let them deflate. I’m not sure they all fully appreciated the implied assumption of this logic; namely that Trump held some sort of power over the markets that all of his predecessors lacked. If Trump truly was able to levitate the markets through sheer force of will, then he probably deserves reelection. Fortunately for us long-suffering liberals, it would appear that he can’t.

  1. Unbelievable!

    I guess now we know how Trump handles a real global crisis (instead of self-created trade wars).

    It was always clear that the human cost of his ineptitude would likely be high when it came to handling major calamities. But it appears that he cannot even act decisively to stem the stock market rout: his very own, self-defined, performance metric.

  2. I’d wait unitl the morning to pronounce the bull dead. Fed actions will be coming. You have to have some serious guts to be opening a short right now. The really easy money has been made.

    1. What Fed action are you expecting in the morning? Another emergency cut or an outright announcement of a full resumption of QE?

      Trump had to step up tonight, show a sense of urgency and an unshakable commitment to work together with healthcare experts, Congress, and state and local governments to combat the developing pandemic. Aside from concrete measures to combat the spread of the virus (that is already in country) he could have also announced immediate fiscal stimulus measures instead of a nebulous payroll tax cut that may or may not be approved by Congress. He speech failed miserably on all counts.

  3. If saving the shale players that deserve to go belly up at this point in time are part of this SBA plan. The republicans will be toast and have the “socialist republicans” moniker hung around there necks.

  4. No matter what Trump did or said tonight he would be criticized …The fact is there has been a leadership void for three decades and along with it dysfunctional and misdirected policy…

    1. A true Boomer response from someone looking for Daddy to tell him what to do. Life is a series of waves, surf with it.

      OK, I’ll tell you old farts what to do: The best time to start anything is when there is chaos around you. F dRump, he’s a high-functioning autistic; and all the other old white guys who will tell you they have the answers.

      Me? I’m putting money to work in pharmaceutical-grade mushroom mental health agriculture. Robotic shipping container-sized farming, with no profit drag by seasonal production.

      The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades. Especially with the new Intraocular lenses to fix my cataracts I just got in Czechia last week. JFK to PRG was really cheap and not crowded.

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