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‘There Will Be Tremendous Death’: Trump Warns Of Dire Consequences From Economic Shutdown

"That doesn't mean we're going to tell everybody no more driving".

"That doesn't mean we're going to tell everybody no more driving".
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27 comments on “‘There Will Be Tremendous Death’: Trump Warns Of Dire Consequences From Economic Shutdown

  1. mfn says:

    Go for it, Donald. A million-plus deaths will guarantee you’re a one-term president. #MAGA

  2. Canuck says:

    Will some of the most tragic deaths be of some of the Trump corporations?

  3. Anymouse says:

    Like the guy in the checkout line told me, “Split driving and gas, and I’ll pull the trigger…”.

  4. Mr. Oxygen says:

    Trump’s meat-headedness is the reason we are doling out two trillion instead of one trillion. I had been wondering about why they doubled it seemingly out of thin air.

    • Global Nomad says:

      No one should forget travel and leisure industry is hardest hit with these shut down. it is hitting him hard on his personal valet. He will force the opening no matter what. He just won’t preside over his own loss. Plain and simple.

  5. Jason Jones says:

    I’m just not convinced this President should get half a Trillion dollars to dole out without any oversight as the Senate Republicans claim is necessary. This President is not earning my trust.

  6. Viss says:

    It’s almost time to roll out Susan Collins, so she can be critical of Trump, but then a week later do a 180 spin back to her GOP evilness. Why not weaponize the virus and literally kill as many Americans as possible, in order to help the wealthy grab more … What a great business opportunity!

  7. John3D says:

    Trump has seen this play before. How many times has he gone bust- 5 or 6 maybe. He’s scared to death he’s going to bankrupt the country so telling us (and specially himself) that more will die from an economic recession/depression than from the virus is all he could come up with. What good is a fabulous, perfect economy the likes of which ‘we’ve never seen before’ if it can’t stand up to a pandemic. Xi might be laughing if he wasn’t afraid the madman might create a global depression. Our pitiful non-leader has already surrendered to the virus.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You know, it is…it is almost as if the climate change denying, anti-vaxxer President with the Dispensationalist running mate is against science and the head of a cult that wouldn’t mind if the world came to an end if it would bring about Armageddon and own teh Libs. It is, again, almost, like thisclose, to being like the United States is in point of fact a Banana Republic with no independent institutions and a corporate media dominated by State propaganda organs and “Some say” journalists with bosses that may be a little queasy at the latest market drop. It seems like the country with politicians that take life-saving epidemiological intelligence and take it to insider corporate donors to trade on instead of saving the lives of the general public without consequence or fallout, that would willfully deny access to medicine to Iran and Yemen, might be a scintilla short, the slightest mite, of being the pro-life, blessed by Jesus, City on a Hill we have collectively deluded ourselves into being we are.

  9. Seifert says:

    For once i am with Trump, the colleteral damages of a shut down is far greater then anyone wants to admit – social, economical and healthwise.

    Open the economy, isolate the risk groups and go on with life!

    • mattzito says:

      I hope the dividends you feast upon are the feces of the barbaric darwinistic social order your kind constructs, which shall soon be the wreckage A new order wearily ignores as fleeting ignorance

      • Anonymous says:

        So a society with 25% unemployment will have no bad effects for the once being effected?
        – Social
        – Health wise
        – Economical

        But for me raising this thought makes me a monster… lol

    • Canuck says:

      Sounds like a big spin on the roulette wheel. “Isolate the risk groups”? Gee, that must be easy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah – the risk groups are elderly and obese smokers – not so hard to make them stay at home?
        I have read different numbers, but 30% of the infected feel no symptoms, thats why so many gets infected… This shit will come back as soon as the normal life gets back…

  10. PJSPHD says:

    So the military had not gamed out a bio crisis? I’m not pro-Chinese, but they clearly had a game plan the worked in their society. Trumps indecision will be worse than the disease. We’ll get the worst of the economy and the illness. His big brain has no answer from the crisis of the century and he trusts no one else’s judgment. He paralyzed.

    Deblasio is a non factor in my personal life, but the man is working a clear plan.

    • The asian countries dealt with SARS and both people & governments understand the risk as well as what needed to be done. That’s why places like Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore all jumped into action and had more effective quarantines. Europe and the US have complacent, unconcerned populations. We in the US are led by a President who was unconcerned and feckless until late in the game, and now is about to crumble under the pressure that those asian nations were better able to handle. Sad.

    • Ria says:

      Deblasio admitted he had no alternate plan for the schools, which is a big reason why he had to be pushed to shut them down. Deblasio is an empty suit. Watched him interviewed on TV after Sanders got thrashed saying that there was a shot for Sanders. He is a fool. Just because he is smarter than Trump don’t get sucked in- he was a local two bit politician with a good ad that got him to be mayor. He is basically an idiot.

  11. Ria says:

    Sorry i replied to the wrong message!

  12. George says:

    This food fight is a disaster …….If anything good comes out of it it hopefully is that the public will take a more responsible attitude on the selection of it’s leaders in the future…. There has been a severe erosion in leadership qualities even measured in my lifespan .

  13. paulcm says:

    Is the stock rally today partially explained by the a return to work sooner than anticipated? If so, some of those gains will be eroded when bulls realise that this is another example of Trumpian hot hair. I cant imagine that he will be able to make good on his stated objective as infections and deaths ratchet up. Could be a vote loser and that will stop him in his tracks. I missed the rally today but am as yet unconcerned. Cant believe we have touched bottom….

  14. jamaican says:

    no way, just wait for the next jobs report…

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