‘You Have To Dominate’

‘You Have To Dominate’

After six days of social unrest which turned decisively violent over the weekend, Donald Trump held a video call with governors and law enforcement on Monday. Considering frayed nerves and the fact that the president was forced to spend almost an hour in an underground bunker on Friday evening when protesters descended on the White House, hurling stones and attempting to breach police barricades, you'd be inclined to think Trump would at least consider adopting a conciliatory stance. Alas, tha
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17 thoughts on “‘You Have To Dominate’

  1. I do wonder where these optimistic analysts live, which is where they are presumably located while working from home.
    Suburban Connecticut, the Hamptons, Laguna Beach or other luxury communities? At least when they had to work in the office they were forced to travel on mass transportation, thru Grand Central or drive thru parts of inner cities- where they could catch a glimpse of what was really going on outside the wealthiest of communities.
    Are they basing their analysis on computer screens full of data and TV coverage or are they walking “main street” and talking to business owners about the reopening of restaurants and retail stores with respect to the reopening of economy and the now the added cost/setback from “protesting”?
    The view from the beach or the mountains still looks pretty good.

    1. I believe the correct phrasing is “grab ’em by the …”

      The realty tv star/somewhat accomplished self promoter has turned the Presidency into a realty tv show.

      One day, during a future “boring” Presidency, some may look back and wonder “how did we survive?” and some may look back and miss the dark comedy of it all. I may be among the latter…

  2. “Trump’s efforts to cast himself as a “law and order” president …… are undermined by his long history of antagonist rhetoric”

    Ha! Not to mention his own behavior. This is really rich. If anyone considers himself above the law, it’s Trump.

  3. As he was sitting in the basement did he ponder what some of the 1%ers have been doing in some seminars?
    “If the world as we know it is in upheaval to the point of Bunker/MegaYacht why does crew/security op have to accept me as leader?”
    In a small clan or tribe does paper wealth have value?

  4. It is as if our society has descended to the level of where a Star Trek episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion” has become apropos. Disembodied “Providers” possessed of unlimited currency wager their quatloos on the life and death struggles of Thralls whom they nourish and train only for the thrill their slaves’ death matches engender.

    1. Let’s hope that there is a clear distinction in who the winner is in both the popular vote and electoral college, regardless of which of the two individuals comes out ahead.

  5. He’s till got a way to go to catch up with Putin and Xi Jinping. I mean, how embarrassing to have one of your tanks hijacked. Paton would have a fit.

  6. Barr is one scary dude. Once in an interview he was asked if he was concerned about his legacy. His response was, ‘no one lives forever’. He went on to clarify that with he did not care because he was in his 50’s and would not likely live long anyway. That fits at least one definition of psychopathy.

  7. I generally think investors ignore civil unrest because it doesn’t materially impact corporate earnings. However, if Trump invokes the Insurrection Act to sends large numbers of active duty troops to occupy American cities, I may reconsider.

  8. On past occasions Trump has backed down, most evidently in his trade war with China. So you’re probably right. However, as he gets more desperate and cornered, his instinct for self-preservation may fail him. He may also be bidding farewell to reason.

    Anyway, I think the investor’s best approach for right now is to keep on whatever strategy you’re on, while having some pre-planned trades ready if the unthinkable happens.

    1. ‘bidding farewell to reason’ That seems to be a hallmark a of Trump business experience. Then attempts to recover by any and all means possible.

      I agree with you, jyl, on the best investment approach.

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