Cultural Breaking Point Threatens To Upend Fragile US Economy At Worst Possible Time

"It’s a terrible thing that after being shut down for so long, and these businesses were preparing for opening on June 3, putting out patio furniture and doing other things to get themselves ready, that now instead of a moment of celebration, what they’re doing is experiencing a moment of despair", Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said Sunday. The city may delay a partial reopening planned for Wednesday in the wake of protests which turned violent, as they did in several other major metropolita

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16 thoughts on “Cultural Breaking Point Threatens To Upend Fragile US Economy At Worst Possible Time

  1. Seeing what has happened in America since the 2016 election culminate this weekend in widespread riots as we experience a pandemic, a nascent economic downturn and the prospect of a cold war with China I get the uneasy feeling that our country is devouring itself, and as our system collapses thousands of miles away the man that planted the seeds of division and caos sees his master plan come to fruition. There are a lot of things going sour in our planet, but I suspect the images coming out of the US make Vladimir Putin smile as he sips some fancy vodka, he has managed to weaken America without firing a single shot, all he needed was some clever lies and facebook. Say what you will about Vlad, he is a conniving and outstanding enemy, I doubt the Russians see our leadership in the same weight class, this weekend was a victory for the motherland.

  2. So rich was this continent, we were able to paper over the “racial injustice,” a founding sin, for in excess of 200 years, with only periodic episodes to remind us.

    My biggest fear is that ruling elites are not capable of reforming themselves. Social, sanitary, and financial, systems have gone neglected for decades now while we’ve been looted by these same elites. And the looting by these elites continues. Myopic visions of the precious stock market dance in their heads while people die.

    My hope is that the narratives about the convergence of cycles in the 2020s are correct, and further that what comes of all this is brighter. Longer term, I’m optimistic about our prospects. Not so much so the next five or six years.

      1. Have you ever step foot in a Chicago Factory or a Warehouse and tried to negotiate with these pigs? 12 years and 5 contracts later I could name you Chicago PMI Elites

        1. Just saying there are real Assholes behind the profit margins at your favorite manufacturer or corp and Labor is ready to deal with them and your financiers rapidly

  3. Looting and vandalism are causing huge losses- on top of the portion covered by insurance.
    This is a major set back on reopening the economy. Many small business owners do not have the money to repair their store or replace stolen inventory.

  4. It is interesting that with all the unemployment people have the time to protest. However spreading COVID just got a little more acceleration. Two weeks from now we might see the start of a spike.

    It seems to me from a simpleton perspective that the damages are limited and not growing. These losses are small indeed to any chain, and most small players have insurance for such things. So what is the significant hit to the economy? There is a confidence issue but these people are mostly already unemployed it seems.

    I will agree it is something to add to COVID but then we are still in fear mode of a ‘second wave’. How can these protests be equal to a second wave?

    I am more concerned that this would grow into a true Bugaloo which some on the right hopes will happen, but that does not seem to be the case.

  5. I think the biggest problem here is that there has been so much time to address these issues… the issues have been clear to even polite society for decades now on the abuse of power, the widening inequality, the disenfranchisement of voters via various methods from gerrymandering to closing voting locations to ID laws… The right has managed to hold on to enough power through it all and with it all to continue the trend instead of anything resembling democracy to occur. So yeah, stomp hard enough on the rung of the ladder that is least maintained and it breaks. Want to fix it? Want economic prosperity… that means leadership and addressing real issues. 45 turned the lights off and hid in a bunker… big strong leader indeed.

  6. Yes, IF Vlad is behind the chaos in the streets it was a master stroke. Almost guaranteed to create a big spike in Covid cases and to guarantee a whole slew of bankruptcies as America tries to get over the hump again.

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