Hong Kong, Huawei Dramatics Play Spoiler To Otherwise Bullish Narrative

The good news is that the reopening narrative remains largely intact, as does the global stimulus story. On the latter, Japan is throwing the kitchen sink at the virus relief effort, and Europe is taking its most serious steps down the road to fiscal integration ever. The combination of massive stimulus (both "delivered" and promised) and ongoing efforts to jump start economic activity in developed economies is powerfully bullish, especially for cyclicals and small-caps, which powered ahead ag
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5 thoughts on “Hong Kong, Huawei Dramatics Play Spoiler To Otherwise Bullish Narrative

  1. Even more frightening was a quote I read from Angela Merkel which stated that the EU has a strategic interest in cooperation with China and that relations with the U.S. are difficult; but ties must remain.

    Long Euro, short USD?

  2. I remain surprised of how tame the Chinese reaction has been so far, something is going on, they have a plan to strike back in some unexpected way or their economy and reputation are so shaken by the virus that they rather take the punches now without more than a Twitter response, odd…

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