Sharpen The Sabres: US-China Tensions Reach Boiling Point As Pompeo Branded ‘Evil Clown’

Sharpen The Sabres: US-China Tensions Reach Boiling Point As Pompeo Branded ‘Evil Clown’

Risk appetite was on reasonably solid footing Tuesday, even as worries about the future of US-China relations persist and a top court in Germany injected a bit of uncertainty into the "Whatever it takes" narrative embedded in the ECB's crisis response. On the geopolitical front, Li Zimeng, a newscaster for China Central Television, accused Mike Pompeo of feeding off his "own lies" during Sunday's abrasive interview with ABC, during which America's top diplomat said there was "enormous evidence"
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9 thoughts on “Sharpen The Sabres: US-China Tensions Reach Boiling Point As Pompeo Branded ‘Evil Clown’

  1. Trade tensions reaching boiling point ALONG with Great Depression 2.0? A clearer sign to increase equity exposure I have not seen.

  2. Support to pull back from China is bi-partisan. Even Gov Cuomo said “ You can’t be dependent on China to have the basic equipment to save lives in the US, that’s what this came down to”.

    Assuming that the US economy changes post virus- and the US still has too much unemployment- even after US gears back up ( because some jobs are probably lost forever) the easiest way to get people employed will be to bring jobs home. Politicians always choose the easiest route.

    As a result, US corporations with big investments/ cash sitting in China might have some future “impairment” losses.

    1. I don’t think the easiest route is bringing jobs back to the US. Corporations with worldwide supply chains aren’t going to go for that (too expensive) and politicians listen to money more than anything else. Now, I could see jobs in Asia going to Mexico (cheap labor and looser laws) to shorten these chains and manage them better in a crisis.

    2. I am not saying that undoing the global economy is the best route.
      However, watching what states pay/give up to companies to keep business from moving out of state or to lure companies to their state over other choices is bad behavior that can easily be adopted by the Federal government.
      Especially, with the Federal government’s new found willingness to print USD, they can easily “pay” US corporations to relocate some overseas manufacturing to US soil. If US government gives major tax incentives, US corporations will be more willing.

  3. “bringing back jobs” is just cheap talking. Are you saying that Apple will move one million jobs from its factories in China to US? Oh but Apple has no factory at all. So it’s Hon Hai Corp (Foxconn) that will move one million jobs from China to US? Removing supply chains from China and reshaping the global supply chain is the most delusional idea produced by this administration.

  4. If not for Trump and his desire to be re-elected, P0mpeo would not need to resort to rumour mongering and false flags in order to stay in power

    Just a sad state of affairs, when true leadership is what is needed to guide America out of this crisis

  5. @StefanoV: iPhones are not strategic, so they will be tariffed or left alone. What I think they are talking about is building a few supply chains in North America, with national champions at center and/or the US army, for STRATEGIC industries (cars, drugs, etc). It’s the old German and French way. Welcome to social democracy!

  6. Wise people in UK use to say, as they looked at their industry go away in the 90’s and 00’s: « who cares if an Englishman never wins Wimbledon, as long as Wimbledon is still in London ». That kind of all-in-services-economy happy talk In US/UK is about to get a thorough review in my opinion.

  7. Who in the World is going to buy these very, very expensive (highly valued dollar + highly expensive labor) made in America goods? Perhaps the American’s themselves with all their newly printed cash? Except that its hard to imagine much of the 4 Trillion making its way to the working man/woman. Won’t the American workers be wanting the cheap stuff made by workers even poorer than themselves?

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