‘Unfathomable Consequences’

‘Unfathomable Consequences’

The last full week of trading before America's date with what some still fear will be a constitutional crisis was not kind to equities. US shares dropped nearly 6%, falling in four of five sessions, and cementing a second consecutive monthly loss in the process. It was the worst full week loss ever for stocks headed into a presidential election. The pre-vote indigestion for risk assets was capped off Friday by demonstrable weakness in tech, which underperformed following earnings. Apple had it
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12 thoughts on “‘Unfathomable Consequences’

  1. If Trump loses and refuses to concede, it’ll be much worse than a 20 percent drawdown. Buy-and-hold is a non-starter in that scenario, and all the people who despise him — the majority of Americans, and investors — will scramble to cash out their chips. Not that Trump cares.

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  2. Given the electoral college system used in the USA for deciding the president, I find it hard to believe Biden has a 90% chance of willing. Or am I reading the chart wrong?

      1. This isn’t 2016. Trump barely pulled it out in 2016 despite having pretty much everything fall his way at the end. The stars seem to be aligning for Biden this time around. I think most people will be surprised when Biden wins comfortably, but 538’s forecasting is solid (and no, assigning a nearly 30% chance to Trump winning in 2016 doesn’t mean they got it wrong).

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