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War And (No) Peace: Full Week Ahead Preview

Say your prayers.

Say your prayers.
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2 comments on “War And (No) Peace: Full Week Ahead Preview

  1. Per the note out by Yra Harris, former CME chair, last week China re-sourced 100% replacement for US bean and soy meal from Brazil who has just wrapped a bumper crop with produce in the bins and ready to ship to China for the year. Apparently China excluded grains from the first round of tariffs until it had negotiated and signed up Brazil as its new source. China will be buying ZERO from US for at least a year no matter what happens now. This is a big economic boost for Brazil, whose economy has been bad for 2-3 years as grains are in a glut globally with grain yields soaring worldwide on the back of better agri tech. Devastating for US farmers and the US midwest economy as it’s impossible to suddenly replace a market of one-and-a-half billion people.

    • Reportedly, that represents 70% of the US bean market…. now gone.

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