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Is This The Chart Trump Is Looking At When It Comes To ‘Winning’ A Trade War With China?

"Let's run through the numbers".

"Let's run through the numbers".
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5 comments on “Is This The Chart Trump Is Looking At When It Comes To ‘Winning’ A Trade War With China?

  1. I think China’s moves for a long time have been based on a master plan of eviscerating American industries vital to a war effort. Our response should be to starve them into submission while weakening their new alliances in Africa and elsewhere. I’m not savvy enough to suggest what financial/stock market moves are appropriate.

    • Richard Haider

      Ravo, That train has left. You have mortgage yourself by running your deficits. You chose to import cheap product and labor, instead of working hard and being competitive. You had your higher lifestyle financed by cheap imported labor which they had plenty of. Now you have their cheap products and imports and they have your dollars and T-bills.

      • David Cox

        Well, Richard, Look on the bright side of things: Many climate scientists are now stating that Humanity will go extinct in the 2030-40 time frame. In the meantime we can play video games and use our iPhones while they try to eat T-bills….

        • Continuation with trump and his gopher Pruitt who is destroying all regulations built to protect air and water quality while spending our tax money for his self-gratification and glorification of how important he thinks he is …. we are certainly closer to the end date than we should be! It’s criminal behavior and trump’s minions are allowing it to happen and they are accomplices and they all should be held accountable, legally accountable, for their failure to follow their oaths to office.
          How about all the citizens of America who agree join and file a class action lawsuit against every damned one of them?! Maybe we could get their attention! I kinda like Stormy Daniels lawyer to handle the lawsuit!

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