Dollar Takes Another Hit As Core CPI Miss Adds To Jones Jitters



Risky Business.

But the survey wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

A December Hike And Yellen’s Last Hurrah: Full Week Ahead Preview

A snowy hike and so much more.

Why This Wind Down Is Different.

Follow the red line…

Leftovers: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, look: if you’re still hungover from a combination of turkey, greasy mashed potatoes, and copious amounts of not-quite-top-shelf red wine, it’s time to snap out of it because last week is melting into this week as tends to happen historically on Sundays.

What Can Stop This Party?

Obviously, nothing could go wrong here.

Grandma Is In Trouble.

“Today’s post is an important one. I might have put Grandma in the trunk, but the coming struggle between generations is no laughing matter. It very well might end up being the defining theme for financial markets in coming decades.”

Phew, That’s Over – Now Go Get Drunk.

Well, what can you say?

Here Are Goldman’s Top Themes And Trades For 2018, So If You Don’t Get Rich That’s Your Problem, Ok?

Maybe you heard and maybe you didn’t, but Goldman’s got themselves some trade ideas for 2018 they want to tell you about, ok?

Clean Up Your Damn Junk: Full Week Ahead Preview

“This is the big one, Elizabeth!”

It’s The Oil, Stupid.

“There is no puzzle.”

Booms Don’t Die Of Old Age, They Are ‘Murdered’ By The Fed

“So when you ask what the big risk is, the answer is”…

Albert Edwards: You Are Going To Be ‘Mighty Pissed’ When Your Wealth ‘Evaporates Before Your Very Eyes’

“The risk is that the market is hugely vulnerable if it hears a distant bark, let alone feels its bite.”

The End Of Money.

What’s implicit there is that if the dynamics that “saved” the fiat regime were to reverse course, well then the untethered system could face an existential crisis.

Super Mario: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, the docket is full and the risks are multiplying.